Sunday, June 29, 2008

Throwback Joint...Return of the Mack

Haha theres no double meaning to this post lol....just a dope ass song still

Nike Air Yeezy Olympic Colorway

The latest color up of the Air Yeezy to surface were made to pay homage to this year’s Olymipics. Snapped at a recent concert, the uppers feature dark navy leather, a gray tounge and a red/white strap. Rumor has it Kanye will wear them at the second round of his Glow in the Dark stops. No good pics of this....whens Nike gonna drop this damn line of shoes, they killin me!!!!!!!!!!

Watch Out Now...Jay-Z American Boy Remix

Kanye Wants You To Vote

Yea they had cue cards for him...haha maybe a good move lol

Dear Nike...

When are we getting our Air McFly's...real talk, Nike is gonna drop em, Ima cop em =]

Total Randomness

I say some random ish from time to time but this takes the cake

I'm Mikey

Was listening to The Cool Kids, old trak but dope song...Mikey Iaffaldano's new theme song lol

Ride In Style With The Icare Concept Motorcycle

Harley Davidson’s may be the staple when it comes to head-turning hogs, but when it comes to next-level design this Icare Concept motorcycle is in a class of its own.
Enzyme Design constructed the futuristic looking mo-mo, and supped-up it up with a 6 cylinder flat engine, 1800 cm3 engine, and a double exhaust pipe. Translation: It rides as good as it looks. There’s no information as to when the design collective plans to mass produce the cycles, but expect them to be extremely low-run, and ridiculously expensive.

DJ AM, Travis Barker, & My Boy Kid Cudi

At a recent live DJ/drummer show in Los Angeles, AM and Travis throw “Day ‘N’ Nite” between “Big Pimpin” and “Stay Fly...props man

Baby Milo X Macbook Air


Chicago...More Gangster Than Your City! Real Talk

Looks like we’ve got ourselves an old fashioned ass kicking at yesterday’s Cubs-White Sox game.
A full report from the videographer:
The Sox fan near the pole was talking trash from the beginning, so in the 4th inning he started talking about the guy in the Thome Jersey’s “family”…then an old guy stepped up and off they went…

Santogold Is MTV's Artist Of The Week

I declared her as 1 of my 10 artists to watch in 08 when did that back in Dec of 07...haha I was right, it feels so good, I shall savor the moment

Ahhh victory, it goes down smooth

Brand New Gym Class Hereos

Featuring The Dream-Cookie Jar. I aint gon lie, I like it but Im expecting bigger things than this from the real deal Travis

Jay-Z @ Glastonbury

After all the drama and hype, Jay-Z finally took the stage at the 2008 Glastonbury festival this weekend. Despite what the critics expected, the superstar rapper was a hit. He started his gig with a cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall”

The Streets is Talking

New York Skater, Ian Reid, comes out with a second film after his first video, “Ian Reid’s - Sex, Skate, Hood and Videotape”, achieved great buzz and success. This video, “The Streets is Talking”, is a collection of videos again showcasing the world from Ian’s perspective with lots of skateboarding, graffiti, and women. The cast includes Brian Wenning , Stevie Williams, Jamal smith, Tim Johnson, and some drunken hot girls.

Carpe Testes!

Carpe Testes or "Seize the Testicles", is an ad campaign / website that is geared to men's health concerns. Video cracks errr makes me laugh.

Guthrie House

Architects: Felipe Assadi & Francisca Pulido.

Location: Chicureo, Santiago, Chile

Common Feat Pharrell-Announcement

Over the years, Hip- Hop MC’s have evolved from your standard b-boy’s to streetwise lyricists that report on any number of subjects. Common represents the upper echelon of these lyricists in terms of his dedication to the craft, political/social awareness of subject matter, and a clear conscience that his words are being heard and absorbed. The Chicago MC focuses on material that is pertinent to the times and not just concerned with clubs, guns, women, and drugs. However, this doesn’t mean that he’s against the gangster style that so many rappers now endear. On his track “Announcement” Common delivers uplifting Hip- Hop over a laid-back groove. His flow is as good as ever and a guest appearance by Pharrell does not disappoint. Common comes off a little more hard-edged than usual while The Billionaire Boy sounds comfortable executing an excellent second verse. The whole track just has a nice relaxing vibe that’s definitely worth checking out.

Camila Alves

Just because...she's dope

Be Positive 2008 Fall/Winter Collection

Like many, I’m sure I’m not the only one at a crossroads for footwear. Much like I’ve traded in more and more t-shirts for more button-downs, I’ve seen an apparent shift in what sort of footwear really interests me. Don’t get me wrong, but sneakers are still dope and get me excited once in a blue moon, but the new and upcoming trends of mashing up sneakers and more classical designs always have me taking a second look. Be Positive has all the makings of a solid brand, a solid background and a good eye for design seems to have really shown itself in this inaugural collection.

RockNRolla Trailer

From Writer / Director Guy Ritchie ( Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch).

Comme des Garcons X Louis Vuitton

Fans of French luxury brand Louis Vuitton and fashion rebel Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons can expect an extraordinary collaboration coming up. The two will open a joint Tokyo store in September that will last for a period of three months. According to Yves Carcelle, chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, the project will be a fine way to celebrate 30 years since the French brand first opened in Tokyo. Carcelle also added that Marc Jacobs, artistic director of Louis Vuitton, admired Comme des Garçons and was an enthusiastic supporter of the idea of a joint venture.

TI-No Matter What Vid

Like my man Kevin said..some are dumb founded by the drums, which really Masta Killah said that but yeah. Danja killed it and glad to see TI come back with some serious ish.

Bape Socksta?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I need these...Bape has recently released this new “Socksta” which looks to be a water sock often worn while kayaking or during other water sports. While I don’t know the exact name of this new item, I can see that it looks to be made for the water. Four colorways are available each retailing at 7,140 Yen.

My New Joint! The Game- Feat Travis Barker-Dope Boys

I already posted this trak but I gotta do it again and show you how Travis does work...too gully

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stack Paper In The Cash Money Clip

In today’s fitted jeans era, bulky pockets are not a good look. So if you’re still rocking with your George Costanza wallet, it might be time to switch to something slimmer like the The Cash Money Clip. Designer Scott Amron created the clever clip by affixing a magnet and two steel plates to a bill, giving you the ability to securely stash your money inside. It’s available in $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 denominations, and there’s also a Euro version. And for you limited edition dorks, Amron points out that no two clips are the same: “Each bill has its own unique United States serial number.”

Summer ‘O Sammy Tour Diary

If you dont know who Sammy Bananas is than you know nada...

Online Videos by


No reason for this post really i just love those 2 Kardashian sisters, 3rd sister um you werent invited! I Love Kourtney...

Fashion Tips From My Boys Chromeo

MySpace Presents: The Fit with Chromeo


Def have to agree with their top 5...Im on that SIAM

Throwback Joint...Pete Rock & CL Smooth-Troy

Other than Snoop & Dre and Nas from like 94-96 this is the song that really had me fall in love with hip-hop. I dont care who you are you need to know about Pete Rock...getcha some

Sleeping Beauty-City Lights

Directed by Benjamin Taft. The video pays homage to the Japanese art collective of Pikapika light painting.

Sleeping Beauty - City lights / Music video from Benjamin Taft on Vimeo.

Daft Punk-TV Rules The Nation

Ever since I was 14 I have been a huge fan of daft Punk and obviously A-Trak getting Kanye on the Stronger sample didn't hurt. I have a mix of this joint and Around The World that I often compete in dance offs with myself too...I never win

T Pain Feat Lil Wayne-Cant Believe It

If the rumors about these two doing an album together are true...Im def not mad.


...Nuff Said

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MGMT-Electric Feel

Thanks Lesley for the hook up on this...L Boogs =]

My New Joint! Charles Hamilton-Brookyln Girls

This is the dude I put yas on a little while back...19 year old mc who signed with Star Trak. I have prolly played this trak 100 times in the last 2 weeks. Always subbin Brooklyn with live in Indy man. Had a girl out in B Ripple without boobs behind her nipple, they aint nothin like dem Chicago girls lol. Im just clowing

Joel Ortiz-Hip Hop

With the big arguements between Ice T and Soulja Boy it really had me thinking what is hip-hop? It certainly isnt what it was in the later 90's when I became hooked...Hip Hop represents different things to different people. Take from it what you want! I am really feeling this song and video.

Cause I Can: My Brother & Me

I dont need a daaaamn explanation...Goooooo Punch

Some Bet Awards Performances

Judge them for yourself...I Puuuutttt Onnnnnn

The Game Feat Travis Barkers-Dope Boys

My two fav dudes from the Left Coast, if this is a Barker did the whole beat he is getting gully as hell with it. The mythology of an artist in Hip Hop is just as paramount as their skills on the mic these days. Compton bred; The Game is a prime example of a rapper whose story of gang life, narcotics trafficking, random violence and death became as recognizable as his raspy, hardcore delivery. However, The Game’s story isn’t just some pre packaged media kit in order to grab listeners attracted to gangster posturing and it doesn’t end with the release of his first album. As Games popularity and career skyrocketed so did his real life problems. Game participated in a high profile beef with former ally 50 Cent, which eventually spilled over into street violence, literally thousands of diss songs, and eventually estrangement from his mentor and idol Dr. Dre. Game poured his anger, frustration, confusion and talent into his work and transformed from a rapper with a sketchy past to an artist with passion, skill and a force to be reckoned with. Game came out of his beefs unscathed and arguably the victor. With seemingly renewed vigor Game has been leaking track after track for his upcoming album “L.A.X”. “Dope Boys” is a hardcore west coast anthem punctuated by the drums of Travis Barker.

Versace x Lamborghini LP640

Again I must relay that my birthday is coming up...hmmm. In a partnership of ultra-luxury, Versace and Lamborghini have revisited a partnership which began in 2006 as they create another version of the exclusive LP640. Coming complete with a range of leather goods including bags, gloves, belts and other accessories, the LP640 in itself has also undergone a Versace aesthetic treatment. The engine hood features a transparent hood to showcase the rip snortin’ V12, nappa leather clad seats and a hand-embroidered Versace motif throughout the car. Look for the Versace x Lamborghini LP640 to be available at select dealers and Versace outlets.

Game-Superman Trailer

Just Blaaaaze on the trak...Im actually down with these trailers for hip-hop vids, think its dope.

Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton “Monogramouflage” Collection

More info on the Murakami LV Ish I posted last week. Last summer, the forefront runner in the Japanese pop-art movement, Takashi Murakami exhibited a series of art pieces at the MoCA. The exhibition included a never before seen consumer angle which included a capsule of items created by Murakami in conjunction with Louis Vuitton. New for this season is another updated set of releases between the two powerhouses in their respective fields. The Monogramouflage collection represents an interesting integration of camoflauge into the world of high fashion from its roots as a tool of combat. Items seen here include bags and select accessories which are available now at Louis Vuitton retailers.

New Video From The Real

Music is like sex...its meant to be bought, its not shared. Haha Love that.

Kaikai Kiki by Takashi Murakami x Base Control

One of the best known artists of our times, Takashi Murakami, teamed up with Japan’s clothing manufacturer, Base Control, to design a few t-shirts featuring Kaikai Kiki flower print. The tee comes in black and white, and has a very simple design with Murakami’s signature flower on the left and the BC tag on the sleeve. Kaikai Kiki has also come out with a range of very fun products including a cell phone charm, stuffed animal, and a hair tie. All the products use Murakami’s signature characters including the colorful flower and Kiki. Perfect accessories to compliment your bright summer days. All available now at Cliffedge.

Vampire Weekend: Oxford Comma

Last year around this time, the boys from Vampire Weekend took the blogosphere by storm with their brand of infectious afro-pop and indie rock. They simply looked like wide eyed, preppy Columbia University college kids who discovered some Paul Simon and Kanda Bongomen albums and decided to play them. Their African influenced, unpretentious pop sound was refreshing in a genre that seemed to be flooded with guitar feedback noise rock and new electro acts. A year passes and the same Ivy League kids have become the critical darling of major rock magazines, their self titled debut album is hailed as one of the best freshman releases in recent memory and the young men suddenly start looking like full grown rock stars. The new video directed by Rich Oyade for the most Graceland-esque sounding track on the album “Oxford Comma” is shot in one take and looks like a quirky homage to Wes Anderson. Ezra’s yelp, the lightly strummed guitar and the Lil Jon references are all perfect for the summer.

Nike Air Yeezy Tinker Hatfield Edition

There have been many different colorways of the Nike Air Yeezy floating around the internet, and yet another version has surfaced. This time we see a specially customized edition made for renowned Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield. Mark Smith’s design for this edition has its main focus on the Carolina blue strap across the front, showcasing the story of Tinker Hatfields career in symbols.

Pretty Boy Bam Bam

6 years old! Cot damn he'd whoop McGill's ass for sure...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are You Not Entertained??? I Just Love This Clip

Buchanans killed this beat...

J*Davey: Mr. Mister

With eager anticipation and bated breath, fans of L.A. underground favorite J*Davey, have long awaited the wide release of their debut double EP: “the beauty in distortion” and “The Land of The Lost”. Hailed by music heavyweights (Prince, anyone?) and fans alike, J*Davey is a duo comprised of vocalist Miss Jack Davey and producer Brook D’Leau. They’ve recently titillated audiences and the press (New York Times, whut!) during a recent mini-tour, with their hot stage antics and songs from the EP, a blend of electronic-R&B-The Eurythmics meets J Dilla-esque stylings. July 1st marks the big day and should promise some greater visibility to the duo, who’ve been making music together since ‘00. Check the video for their first single, “Mr. Mister” to see them in action.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bleeding Love/American Boy

Posted two other of this duo's clips...this girl can sing man.

Kicks Of The Day F.A x etnies Plus

Pro Skater Jason Dill’s clothing line has been playing the cut since 2006 but look for his Fucking Awesome brand to re-introduce itself when this pair of etnies Plus drop. The collabo sneaker was slated to release this June, but like a highly anticipated rap album there was a series of pushbacks, and now the ultra-limited kicks will hit select etnies dealers early fall (Aug/Sept). Worth the wait? I think so.$

Nookanooka Watch Mascot Keeps Time

Last year in the pages of Complex, Kanye West gave the co-sign to forward-thinking watch brand Nooka by rocking one of their bright orange creations in his “Beatdowns” portrait. Well now the company is giving watch junkies like ’Ye a spot to store their collection with the release of their vinyl mascot Nookanooka. Started by designer Matthew Waldman in 1999, Nooka is known for their futuristic watches that use linear and graphic representations of time, rather than the traditional clock or number-based designs. The Nookanooka is currently only available in black for $70, but it will be released in new colors like glow-in-the-dark in the coming months. See all the colors (sans watches) after the jump. Perfect gift for someone like my boy Andrew Valko.

Kid Cudi-London Girls

Kid Cudi is def someone to watch out for (Fool's Gold waddup?), feeling this freestyle over my favorite beat right now (Ryan Leslie's "Addicition")...


I know a surplus of youtube videos can be annoying, and I know I say this about all the videos I post, but this one is really special. Theres an original without subtitles but this is the good one. Im president Charley, CHEECH! P.S. This girl can be a part of the crew......

Nike + Human Race x KanYe West

On August 31, 2008 Nike is staging the largest running event of all time. 25 cities. 25 10k events. London, Los Angeles, Paris, Melbourne, Shanghai and Vancouver are among the cities participating.

The event is aiming to pull in a large sum of money for participating charities, including the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the UN Refugee Agency. Runners will be able to race for a cause, as well as say they were part of the worlds largest running event. To get in the mix, log on to where you can register and also get training tips.

As an extra incentive each of the 25 cities will be treated to a special concert at the race finish site. In LA, Kanye will be hitting the Colieseum. One can only imagine he'll be sporting a special mock up of his signature shoe.

Everything Else Exhibit

The Exhibition features artwork from KAWS, Jocko Weyland, Jesse Wine, and more. The Everything Else Exhibition will host it's opening exhibition today ( Thursday, June 19th) from 6 to 8PM at the Franklin Parrasch Gallery in New York City. The exhibition will run until August and will feature a 4 foot KAWS Companion and 50 x 60 KAWS interpretation of the Smurfs.

Chapel of Dawn “Come Together” Tee & Tote

Chapel of Dawn will soon be releasing some items to help raise funds for the victims of the Si Chuan earthquake. The new items include a “Come Together” tee and tote bag which will be sold at outlets including Undercover Hong Kong, Beams T (Hong Kong), Undercover (Japan), Beams (Japan), Tuan Tuan (Taiwan) and Colette (France). The tee will cost $280 HKD while the tote bag will go for $180. Available starting July 5th.

The Ting Tings-Shut Up & Let Me Go Vid

This was one of the artists I boasted back in December when I did my who too look for in 08...well they have been one of my favorite artists in 2008. Great DJ is still getting constant play on my iPod and this joint has gotten the group national recognition by well getting play on an iPod commercial. Congrats Fam...keep it up

The Ting Tings on iLike - Get Sidebar

Nas-Hero Trailer

Prolly thr most anticpated Nas trak since Ether...if you aint up on ether then you been ethered haha


I guess this is mad old...a friend sent it to me last week claiming her little sister played it non-stop and she hated it. Ha well her little sister is one up on me cause I think this song is def dope...anyone know anything about The Flobots? All I got is they are from Denver I believe...none the less, dope trak

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

LV x Takashi Murakami Monogramouflage

This is just so fresh. The range includes a Keepall 55 ($1930), Pegase 60 ($2570), Speedy 35 ($1530), Trellis Denim Tote ($1610), Jasmin Denim Bag ($1770), Lys Denim Bag ($2090), iPhone Case ($280), Passport Cover ($355), small leather goods, jewelry, shoes, textiles and ready-to-wear. Possibly the dopest thing I've seen in a minute. I don't even care about the bags all that much, I just want a print to hang up in my isnt just what you wear it's everything around you.

Throwback Trak...Clipse-Grindin

After hearing their new joint it def had me jones'n this joint...damn the Neptunes owned hip-hop back in 2000-2003

Black MacBook Air

Click here to check out the website where you can customize your MacBook Air.

Hedi Slimane-Rock Diary Book

Hedi Slimane’s prowess behind the camera has been witnessed on a few different occasions including a nude photo shoot with Kate Moss. His works have now been mastered in a three volume book titled Rock Diary which features looks into the Festival Internacional de Benicássim in Spain, new-wave British and American rock and critical essays by art critic Vince Aletti and music critic Jon Savage. Available now at colette.

Clipse-The Fast Life

Following the release of their critical success, but ultimately commercial failure, Hell Hath No Fury, The Clipse have reconsidered the direction of their music. They sounded flawless over Pharrell’s spaced out beats, but the unorthodox nature of the album’s sound was not received well by the masses. So, in a move that many people might scoff at, The Clipse have been working with Scott Storch on the latest Re-Up Gang record. No one can deny Scott’s ability to produce bona-fide hits, but you have to wonder if his in your face style can translate to The Clipes’ understated flow. Well, wonder no more because “Fast Life” has been leaked and it’s apparently the lead single off the forthcoming Re-Up Gang record. The track starts out with epic swirling synths that drop into a catchy hand clap beat. Malice and Pusha T do damage and seem comfortable on the clean sounding production. Maybe The Clipse were always built for the big times, but only time will tell. The Re-Up gang will be releasing their LP some time this year, stay tuned for more leaks

Nelly-Steppin On My J's

This subject is a little played out...sneakers etc, but the beat is def dope (JD kills the Tipsy part) and hey I like Jordans...XI & III's of course, I know Ima sheep

For My Mama...Queen-I Want It All

Her favorite jam...miss you

Its Yeezy & Jeezy-Put On Performance

I heard the tartar sauce whip Jeezy has in the video is fav Kanye verse of 08 thus far.

Jeezy & kanYe "Put On" @ ATL B-day Bash from ibn jasper on Vimeo.

Go Green Dope Ass Cell Style...

Features a 5 mega pixel camera with built-in software for editing and uploading to a photo album, a slide out touch keyboard and a touchscreen.

A Million Here A Million There!!! Congrats Lil Wayne

New Orleans MC and codeine enthusiast, Lil Wayne has sold over a million copies (1,005,545 to be exact) of his highly anticipated album “The Carter III” in only one week. The difficult feat, especially in the current download age, puts Wayne in the company of an elite few and solidifies his status as the most popular MC alive. The news should come to no surprise to anyone who has kept up with Wayne’s progress, his relentless worth ethic, the constant presence on the mix tape circuit and his penchant for taking other rappers beats and completely making them his own. Many other MCs (Jay-z, Fabolous, LL Cool J, Gillie, Corey Gunz etc…) have done just that with the beat for Wayne’s street single “A Millie”. Wayne snatches the beat back and reclaims it as his own as he uses it as a platform to thank his fans for going out to buy his album. The driving minimalist beat lays down the perfect canvas for Wayne to drop his schizophrenic intoxicated flow over.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Glow In The Dark Last Show...Freeport, IL?

If youw atch the clip when it shows the radar doppler 3000 or whatever you can see Freeport, IL on the there...haha thought that was kind of cool

Glow in the Dark - Last Show - Tornado from kwest on Vimeo.


Sign em!

Missy Elliott-Best Best

Danja on the beat...I dont know if everyone will be feeling this, not Missy's typical upbeat club anthem but danja def came correct with the drums and I am really feeling this. Bump it or Dump it?

Kanye West UniverseCity Jacket...Pastelle?

The first sighting of this "UniverseCity Jacket" was on the Kanye West Bear on Takashi Murakami's album art for "Graduation" and the "Good Morning" animated music video. Recently a physical version of the jacket was seen worn by Kanye West himself during a performance. The colorway of the jacket differs from that of the animated version, but features the same details in lettering and imagery on the front, sleeves, and back. No word on availability of this item, but my best guess would be that it will be part of the Pastelle collection.

Hennessy x Devilock - Palmboy Invite Box Set

My birthday is coming up soon...muahahaha

Young Chris: Never Die

In the early 2000s Roc-A-Fella Records stood as a powerhouse on the hip hop scene. While already popular and respected Jay-Z was just starting to rule hip hop with an iron fist by consistently dropping outstanding material each year. Damon Dash was seen as a modern day Berry Gordy with his somehow charismatic yet obnoxious personality and excellent business mind. Young producers Just Blaze and Kanye West carefully crafted the soulful soundtrack that would become synonymous with Roc's sound and eventually hip hop in general. The record companies' roster was choked full of immense talent including a hardcore rap duo and State Property affiliates from Philly named Young Gunz, which included the MCs Neef Buck and Young Chris. Although the group enjoyed some success with their Gold selling album "Tough Luv" and a radio hit with "Can’t Stop Won't Stop", the emotional rhyme spitters never truly achieved the attention they deserved. Dame and Jay eventually split and Young Gunz decided to stay with Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella records. However, through several false starts and a lackluster second release "Brothers from Another", the group's popularity waned in the mainstream and the powerhouse that is Roc-A-Fella eventually rested on shoulders of the headliners Jay-Z and Kanye. Young Chris now finds himself as a solo artist still signed to Roc-A-Fella as he readies a new album which is sure to be a stark and emotional account of the last few years. The new street single and video "Never Die" is an excellent example of how Chris' Jay-Z-inspired flow and street tales culminate into an authentic street narrative. Using a soul sample (same sample as Rick Ross' "Maybach Music", with a driving bass line complete with moaning, haunting vocals over the chorus, Chris attempts to claw his way back into the listeners' consciousness.

Ryan Leslie Makes "Addiction"

Dont get me wrong I think Kanye, Just Blaze, Hi-Tek, Dre etc are the games top producers but in terms of actual musicianship I dont think anyone can mess with Ryan Leslie. I love this jam, I have said before I dont know about Leslie as an artist but dude can really make a hot song...hope he saved some good beats for Cassie.

Nike Air Yeezy...Another Look

For all the dedicated readers out there, I'm sure you've been very updated on the Air Yeezy with all the sneak peeks that I've shown. But of course, as with all things Kanye related, it is never enough so I'm showing you another good shot of the famed, ultra exclusive shoes. This pair seems to be the same pair I've shown before from Summer Jam, but I still don't have any concrete info regarding the shoe. Come back for more info later.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Behind The Beats: The Carter III

“3 Peat” (produced by Maestro)
Maestro: I made the track for Jeezy and originally he dissed it. My friend Shanell Woodgett played it for Wayne and he jumped on it that night. He made the song the length of the snippet. I didn’t put the full beat out there. I put like two minutes to allow me to go through all the changes I had made to the track and that’s exactly how long he did the song for. He didn’t try to loop the two-track or nothing. Also, a lot of producers, they have to say, “Hey, put my [tag] on it,” but Wayne worked my name into his verse.

“Mr. Carter” feat. Jay-Z (produced by Drew & Infamous)
Drew: I used to be his recording engineer for three years. I did Tha Carter II and Like Father Like Son. Infamous knew Wayne through passing beats to him. We actually met through Wayne. My friend Sha-ron Prescott helped me write the hook and sang the chorus. I sped him up and purposefully made it sound like a sample. We told [Wayne] it was a sample that we found. I think Wayne still thinks it’s a sample. Me and Infamous went to the studio and as soon as [Wayne] heard it, he absolutely lost his mind. That’s the reason he shouted us out in the beginning because we were right there with him. Jay literally got on the song [in mid May]. “Mr. Carter” was the last song [on Tha Carter III] to get mixed and mastered.
Infamous: I was talking to everyone I knew who knew Jay-Z to find out what was going on. Finally, he did it last minute and the song was wrapped.

“A Milli” (produced by Bangladesh)
Bangladesh: This girl I produced for, Shanell, got it to him. But I never went to the lab with him. If I had my way, I would like it more. But I wasn’t around, so what he felt, he put on there. I just thought he would make more of a song out of it, honestly. He’s just rapping. If it was going on the mixtape, it’s cool, but not on no album or single. It’s saying “a milli.” He needs to pop about being a millionaire. He switched it up and tried to make it “ill.” If that was somebody else, it wouldn’t be on the radio. They just f*ck with Wayne regardless. That right there makes me like that sh*t, because it’s against the grain and it’s working. That sh*t’s no format. A n*gg* went in, freestyled, and that sh*t’s all over the radio. And it’s the hottest beat in hip-hop right now. Every time I turn on Rap City, they in the booth rapping to the beat. Busta Rhymes hit me not too long ago and said he did five verses to the beat and it “rebirthed him.” He was talking to me like I did this amazing reincarnation for him like, “I sound like a newborn baby!”

“Got Money” feat. T-Pain (produced by Play-N-Skillz)
Skillz: We did the track in New York and right before we were gonna dump the track into the computer, the engineer stepped on the plug accidentally and turned off the MPC. So we had to come back the next day and redo the whole track. That sh*t was still in my head though.
Play: Pitbull was gonna use it, but T-Pain didn’t finish the hook in time. N.O.R.E. and Slim Thug recorded over it. Fat Joe was interested. Rick Ross passed over it. So we started shopping it, but nobody took it. November [‘07], T-Pain’s manager reached out to me, telling me Wayne wanted it. Then, one day, I got it on my iPhone with Wayne and T-Pain’s vocals on the actual track. Then we couldn’t come to the mixing or the mastering, which we were upset about. Wayne doesn’t let you come unless he has personal relationship with you, which we didn’t. Skillz is such a music guy that he doesn’t care about the money, he cares about the situation. So he was like, “F*ck it, they can’t have it.” But I’m more of the business head, like, “Nah, it’s Carter III and we’re going to get this single.” [Wayne’s engineer] Fabian Marasciullo, did a great job on the record.

“Comfortable” feat. Babyface (produced by Kanye West)
Drew: When Kanye came through with 20 beats on a beat CD, Babyface was already on it. “Let the Beat Build” was also on that same CD. Wayne heard [“Comfortable”] and was like, “Oh my God, I love it.” Kanye left the CD and we recorded in L.A. at the Record Plant. It was done in mid-2006. [Wayne’s] a huge Babyface fan. When he got that record he was like, “I need to do this because Babyface is a legend, and not that many hip-hop artists [are] doing sh*t with Babyface.” This was the only song he used on Tha Carter III that leaked.

“Dr. Carter” (produced by Swizz Beatz)
Swizz Beatz: It was a concept that could have either been for Wayne or Jay. All he had to do was fill in the blanks. It had “Good morning, Dr. Carter,” the breathing and the heartbeat. Jay heard it first and loved it. But I didn’t expect him to take it once I seen where he was going with [American Gangster]. It just wasn’t good timing. It definitely fit Wayne. He’s representing the next generation and he delivered on it. The crazy part is when Jay was talking about the concept, he was talking about rebirthing a new artist, and whoever the new artist was would have been the feature. That probably was going to be Wayne, and Wayne wanted to feature [Jay] on it. So they were thinking the same thing without knowing it.

“Phone Home” feat. Dre (produced by Cool & Dre)
Cool: I remember [Wayne] did that “Show Me What You Got” freestyle and said, “We are not the same. I’m a Martian.” That line really stuck with us. So [Dre and I] wanted to do a record that reflects that he’s a rock star from outer space. The whole concept was that there’s no real rappers left in the game and the ‘hood is calling him home. We actually had like 19 people [play on it]. We had trombones, violins, horns, and then we tripled them and made them sound real big. We went to the Hit Factory [studio in Miami] and played the record for him. You know when Weezy’s feeling something because his eyes roll behind his head. We knew he was keeping it because after that it was, “What’s up with that ‘Phone Home?’” Weezy’s like, “Oh, that’s in the vault.” He kept certain records in a special vault that was unleakable, sh*t that he only touched.

“Tie My Hands” feat. Robin Thicke (produced by Robin Thicke)
Drew: That record is extremely old. I don’t even think Tha Carter II came out when we recorded it, if I’m not mistaken. It was probably recorded like October 2005 at Circle House [in Miami]. I think Robin wanted it for his album. Wayne heard it and was like, “Man, I love this, I need to use this for something.” I’m actually surprised that record never leaked 'cause that is the oldest record on Tha Carter III. He did that whole record in one take. He was smoking a blunt, and he’s like, “Yo, just play it all the way through and I’mma get all three verses in one shot.” He really felt attached to that record. He’s a huge Robin Thicke fan, and it was so deep to him, and he’s talking about Katrina. When we were on his tour bus going from venues, he’d be in there jamming that record. When he was working with me, nothing leaked because I carried my own personal drive. I’d record everything to the drive when we were in separate studios and I was the only person who had it. I think when his album started leaking was after I quit working for him [in July 2007] and he started going to different engineers.

“Mrs. Officer” feat. Bobby Valentino and Kidd Kidd (produced by Deezle)
Deezle: Bobby came through [Hot Beats studio in Atlanta], and we were all vibing and [Wayne] was like, “D, we need this song for me and Bobby to do.” I grabbed my guitar and then came up with the idea, laid the drums down, the guitar part down, and the bassline on the live bass. Then they came over and did their parts. It took me probably about 20 minutes to do the beat. He and Bobby went back and forth on the hook idea a little bit and then ended up coming out with the “Mrs. Officer” thing. They were like, “This is what we thinking.” I was like, “Sh*t, this a hundred!”

“Let the Beat Build” (produced by Kanye West)
Deezle: Kanye and I did this record together. Kanye sent us this soul sample looped for about three minutes and was like, “Yo, I’m sending you some records. They just samples. See where you want to go with them.” So we were listening to that one and it was crazy. It was like two bars, but it just went on for three minutes and it was pretty hypnotic when it was on. Wayne listened to the sample and he was like, “Let’s add some drums to it." What the singer was singing, and the way she was singing it, it was on point. It is aggressive and the elements constantly drop in and out so it keeps you anticipating more and more. It changes almost every four bars.

“Shoot Me Down” feat. D. Smith (produced by D. Smith)
D. Smith: I was going to Hot Beats for a session and Lil Wayne was there. My business partner, Stacy Barthe, actually knew Wayne and his people, and they had heard the track a couple days prior to me meeting [Wayne] and told him about it. So I went in the room and saw him and the first thing he said to me was, “Thank you.” He hadn’t even heard the beat yet. So I played the beat and it was probably like 15 people in the room. He heard the beat and kicked everybody out except for like two people, the engineer, and myself. He smoked two blunts, asked for a cup of hot tea and just went in.

“Lollipop” feat. Static Major (produced by Jim Jonsin; co-produced by Deezle)
Jim Jonsin: I originally made the track in a session for Danity Kane. They passed on the record, and I went over and played it for Static. He was working at my studio with Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky. He had the melody within, like, 15 minutes. He had the melody already down and he laid it. He laid the hook. It was probably about 30 minutes, he laid the hook and then they came out with the “juicy for you” part and then I sampled their vocals: [sings] “Sh-sh-she lick me like a…” I sampled the little parts in the MPC drum machine and then I sampled the “call me” and just made it like I was scratching and it was done. Static met up with Wayne and played it for him. We used auto-tune, but with auto-tune, you can’t just sing through it. You gotta know notes. So Wayne’s not just singing through some thing and it makes his voice sound perfect. The way he used it, he did some neat sh*t with it. He was singing all crazy with weird melodies that no one really does.
Deezle: We recorded it and we were listening back to it after. I looked at Wayne and he was like, “It’s cool.” I said, “Man, I can bring this song home.” I totally re-did the drums and changed the bassline that Jim had. All my drums are harder than most people’s drums. I gave it the bouncy feeling. It was more sedated before. That’s why the people dance like they do when the record comes on. I brought it back to Wayne and he jumped up on the speakers and was excited and started doing the same dances he’s doing in the video and was like, “That’s the next single. I know we’re supposed to do ‘Showtime,’ but we’re going to do this one.”

“La La” featuring Busta Rhymes and Brisco (produced by David Banner)
David Banner: Wayne is the one of the only rappers in this generation who doesn’t mind breaking out of the everyday mold of what people think records should be. A lot of rappers like my beats but they’re afraid to be creative. Wayne is not that type of artist and that’s why I enjoy working with him the most. The fact that he calls himself a Martian may be the truth, because musically, he wants to push paths of what rappers are doing. I actually did that beat for the Shrek 3 soundtrack. I got a call at the last moment by my movie agent and they were having a problem with one of the tracks on Shrek 3 and needed a track. It was going to be an instrumental or a song, but either way, it wasn’t designed for a rapper. So that within itself shows the dexterity and what [Wayne] was doing. What’s crazy is, Wayne would be in the studio with Nelly or somebody, and I’ll see them in the streets and they’ll be, “Man, this song [with] Wayne got through you is so crazy. I don’t believe this sh*t.” Then I was going through one of my beat CDs with Busta, and Busta heard the “La La” beat and was like, “Man! I peeped this sh*t with Wayne! Sh*t’s f*cking crazy, dog! It’s the second coming!” So I had been hearing from everybody else how dope the track was. What people don’t know, I actually got two beats on Tha Carter III, but you gotta find the second one.

“Playing With Fire” feat. Betty Wright (produced by Streetrunner)
Streetrunner: Betty Wright’s one of the old-school singers from the late ‘60s/early ‘70s. I wanted that big old-school voice. My attorney was doing some things for her and he mentioned her. She’s from Miami so I was able to just get the mp3 of the hook. I told [Lil Wayne’s engineer] Fabian when we were going to mix down, “We gotta make her sound like a sample.” He put the effect to her voice to make it sound big, but at the same time, gave it a little dirt with the record crackle in there. Once Wayne heard that, it was a wrap. It kind of made it a new record. The drums were the same [as when Wayne first recorded it], but I added the guitars, more strings, and put Betty Wright on it. Sometimes that’s good to do if you don’t change the feel because you can make the artist fall back in love with the record if they were sort of losing their interest.

“You Ain’t Got Nuthin” feat. Juelz Santana and Fabolous (produced by Alchemist)
Alchemist: Wayne showed me love every time I saw him over the years at awards shows or whatever. He had rhymed on a couple Mobb beats [for freestyles] back in the day. I made [“You Ain’t Got Nuthin”] after “Wet Wipes.” I was grabbing keyboard sounds like samples and chopping them up and treating them like loops. I was working on it for my album and I wanted to get Wayne on. Fab set it off and he just killed it in the beginning. Then Juelz got on the joint. Obviously Weezy messes with them as artists so he was cool to do the collabo. I sent it to him to get on it and he sent it back with a verse. A couple days later [his people] called like, “We want to try and use this for his album.” When we got up to mix the record, he showed me nothing but love. I went out there to poli[tic] with him while he was in Atlanta. We started the mix, but Wayne wasn’t at the mix [the whole time]. They had another studio down the block and he was over there laying like five songs.

“DontGetIt” (produced by Rodnae & Mousa)
Rodnae: Nobody else ever heard it. It was made for Wayne. I took my time because most of the music sampled was played live so it’s not necessarily all the way on beat. I had to make sure everything lined up to where it was one tempo.
Mousa: I listen to Nina Simone a lot. We got the sample from her song “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.” By the time we sent it, [Wayne] was about to leave to go to Europe for this tour, and the album was going to be turned in before he got back. I sent the song three days before he was leaving. He recorded it and while he was in Europe, Baby was calling for the files [for mixing and mastering]. When I first heard it, I felt like I wished [Wayne] had rapped more. But then I realized that if he’s talking, consumers are going to listen more.

Kicks Of The Day Part II?

Came across some other dope kicks. All the majors are doing tone-on-tone, but Y-3 seems to always stand out amongst the pack. Maybe it’s because they’re hard to get, maybe it’s because it gives you a pass to the fashion set, or maybe it’s because they just seem to it better than most on the regular. You can cop these all red suede/patent boxers at the flagship store in NYC. Stick and move.

Kicks Of The Day

Supra Skytop TUF Edition
Who knew it would take the Skytops to successfully bridge the gap between slick-spitting rappers like Mickey Factz and lezzies on the prowl like Samantha Ronson? This latest colorway of Muska’s signature shoe is off the TUF line — a collection that features skate kicks that are built to last longer than usual. Look for the TUF site to launch June 15 and then these Skytops and other durable in-line models to release shortly after.
Price not available,

Coen Brothers Expose The C.I.A. In ‘Burn After Reading’

After last year’s No Country For Old Men, I was starting to worry that the Coen Brothers might have lost their sense of humor. Well, I'm happy to report their their new flick Burn After Reading looks like it might return to the dark comedy flavor of Coen favorites like The Big Lebowski or Raising Arizona. The film centers around a CIA agent played by John Malkovich who decides to write a tell-all memoir exposing government secrets. A CD of his sensitive documents fall into the hands of a gym employee (played by Brad Pitt), who tries to use it for blackmail fodder to pay for his wife’s plastic surgery. The government then sends George Clooney to put a lid on the whole sitiuation. The flick will debut at the Venice Film Festival in August and then in theaters on September 12

Lucifer Son Of The Mourning...

I remember the 1st time I saw this clip the spring after The Black Album dropped...this just really shows the vision of a great producer. The piano loop on this is so dope. Kanye brilliantly sped up and looped the a capella beginning of Max Romeo’s “I Chase The Devil”, where Max chants “Lucifer son of the mourning, I’m gonna chase you out of earth!” There’s a great scene in Fade To Black where Kanye plays his beats for Jay-Z, and when “Lucifer” comes on, Jigga just spaces out and this goofy smile plays across his face as he starts nodding his head — exactly the same way I feel whenever I hear this.

Get Your Swell On...

When it comes down to it, the challenge of staying in shape isn’t just physical, but mental too. Well, with the Revolution Dumbell, you won’t get psyched-out by the size of the weights you’re lifting anymore. These handheld gadgets, which were designed by Sang-Hoon Lee, let you program how heavy they get. Each rod contains tiny spheres that spin at varying speeds—the faster they spin, the heavier the weights feel. Now you have no excuse to not stay focused…fatty.

Throwback Trak...

If you dont know than now you the classic Blueprint album which dropped on the infamous 9/11

Kanye killllllllllled the Bobby Blue Bland sample

Take em to church

Do The Dance

I bet i have posted this like 5 times in the 8ish months my blogs been up...I just love the beat, esp the drums. I can never understand why people aint moved by this at a party when they hear it...regardless its been a busy long week thus far and this always gets me in the right state of mind

The Carter III Platinum? 435K Day 1

Lil Wayne is kind of a big deal these days. Tha Carter III is hands down the most anticipated album of the year and the most hyped since Kanye West and 50 Cent went head to head on September 11th of last year. Could it be possible that Lil Wayne sells more than both of those artists and maybe even go platinum in its first week?
According to, an executive at Wayne’s label claims that the album is poised to sell somewhere between 850k and 950k when the Soundscan reports are out next week. This is up from the previous estimate of 700k that was originall predicted by insiders prior to the album dropping. Whether it cracks a million or not, it is set to still be the highest selling album of the year.
"The accounts were bullish by 10 in the morning," Pat Monaco, exec VP of sales for the Universal Motown Republic Group told EW. "The sales the first few hours were exceeding the rate that the Kanye album sold a year ago…Wayne was one of these records that, because it was so highly anticipated, with the leaks and everything, it caused more people to go out at 8 in the morning to buy the CD."
Hard to believe that a leak could help an album sell but this is a point of contention from Monaco that it has helped Wayne’s exposure. We will see where Weezy stands by next week.

Running Man

I rock Nike Plus' when I workout...well attempt to. Music producer, A-Trak, teamed up with Nike Plus to produce a music mix called "Running Man." Running Man, part of the Original Run series, is a 45-minute mix that will be A-Trak's first full-length production debut and feature vocals from other artists including Kid Cudi. Part of the mix entitled "Say Whoa" will be offered by Nike as A-Trak's first official single. Fool's Gold Waddup?

Lady Gaga-Just Dance

So my friend Heidi puts me on this joint and Im thoroughly impressed...although she typically has good taste

Anyways lovin the song, style is def legit...on my I-Pod already and I just got it about um 6 hours ago.

I Know Im Late...

The Strokes-Vision of Division
I mean this isnt typically my style so I aint always checking this genre, but I def love this jam

3G iPhone

The very highly anticipated 3G iPhone has just been announced by Steve Jobs at Apple's annual WWDC. This time around, the iPhone is everything the old one was but better and amazingly, a lot cheaper. It has thinner edges, a full black plastic back, flush headphone jack, and it will be 36% faster than Nokia's N95 and Treo 750 in terms of pageloads. It also has improved battery life with 300 hours of standby, 8-10 hours of 2G talk, 5 hours of 3G talk, 7 hours of video, and 24 hours of audio. It will also come with GPS, so you know where you are all the time.

8GB is available for $199 and 16GB will come in white for $299. Available on July 11th, pre-orders are available now at the Apple store.

And...reasons I want one

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Solange-I Decided Video

Ima just say I told my friend Heidi earlier this year, watch Solange is gonna come with some crazy ish...I love this souind, def way different than what everyone else is dropping lately. Yeah she ain't Beyonce but she's doin her and I def respect that

Keith Sweat Feat Akon-Some More

Keith Sweat...whoa wheres dude been, comes nice with this trak

Estelle-No Substitute Love

I am glad people were feelin the Will.I.Am laced & Kanye featured "American Boy"...Estelle was one of my artists to watch for 08 even before I had heard American Boy and it looks like shes doing alllriiiight. Her's her new video...

Dwele-Im Cheatin Video

For those of you who are like damn that name looks familiar, well Dwele was on Kanye's "Flashing Lights" hook...he's always had a strong rapport with Common and has been around longer than most think. Here's a vid to his new single, def feelin this. Soul singer, songwriter and producer Dwele, will release his highly anticipated 3rd studio album Sketches of a Man on June 24th through KOCH Records. His newest video/song is entitled, “I’m Cheatin’” and it was produced by G-1 (the same dude behind his biggest hit “Find A Way”). The song is a mind bender which tells of a man who loves his girlfriend’s conservative side as well as her care-free side and dreams of cheating on one with the other as if they were two different people. “It’s based on a true story that I put a spin on. Unless you really pay attention, you might get the wrong idea,” Dwele admits.

Killa Cam Sighting? Camron-My Aura

Will we ever get another Cam’ron album? Ever since his ill-fated 2006 effort Killa Season turned out to be little more than a glorified mixtape, he’s been hiding from the public eye. He emerged a few times last year to argue with 50 on the radio and drop his Public Enemy #1 mixtape, but he would always retreat back underground after about a week. A radio rip of a new Cam song called “My Aura” leaked. It’s unclear how new the track is, but it definitely has a similar energy to some of his manic 2005 material (”Get Em Daddy,” “Girls, Cash, Cars”). The name of his next album has changed so many times—from Shade of Black to Courtesy Curtis to Crime Pays—that we can’t call it. But if this is a taste Cam’s future, I'm not mad

Lloyd Feat Lil Wayne-Girls All Around The World Video

I posted this joint um I wanna say's the video. Who else thinks Lloyd looks like the Cleveland Indians mascot...haha none the less dope trak

Pissy Drunk On The Golf Course Like...

C'mon man I've only golfed five times and I have been booted for being mad drunk and pissing in inappropriate places...looks like Ima have to take up the sport again, um temper pending. Golfers with weak bladders won’t have to stress anymore thanks to the Uroclub, the first iron in your bag that you can actually piss into.
18-holers who usually splash off in the woods will now be able to utilize this hollowed-out club that comes equipped with a classy green golf towel for pee-pee privacy. As the company describes, the piece of equipment is “intended to eliminate anxiety and any feeling of uneasiness on the course. It can be emptied at the nearest restroom or later on, when the golfer returns home.”
Ah, driving around the country club with fresh urine in our Callaway bag—sounds like the usual Saturday morning tee-off to us. Cop it here now for $49.95

Re-Up...Cool Kids, In Case You Missed It...Final Notice

I can not quit burning this...ish is so hot. It's easy to look at Chicago and Detroit bred hip hop duo The Cool Kids and see their penchant for dressing head to toe in old school gear, the occasional rope chain, skinny jeans and the latest sneakers displayed on Hypebeast daily and dismiss them as revival retro "hipster rap". However, to do so is purely superficial and completely missing the sonic sophistication they have displayed as they have garnered a fanatic cult following in the underground rap scene. The duo piece together explosive bass booms, bone shattering, hard as nails snares and kicks with occasional light electro accents as if Rick Rubin was back in his NYU dorm room with modern equipment. Lyrically, the boys sound eerily like a teenage Eric Sermon and Parish Smith as they boast and brag their way through their verses that go from the purposely simple to borderline intricate as they explore their lyrical talent and attempt to get comfortable with their flow. The Cool Kids’ “The Bake Sale EP” is out now on iTunes will be released in stores on June 10th. While die-hard fans have heard most of the tracks featured here, new listeners get a chance to hear what the group has in store. On the EP, the combination of sparse minimalist beats and golden era hardcore raps at first sound like you stumbled upon a forgotten release from 1988. But, the playful subject matter that reference custom bikes more than custom whips show a group more concerned with making their mark rather than just some kids who stumbled upon some old Run-DMC records and decided to form a tribute band. The track “What up Man” is probably the best example of the minimalist vibe that perfectly personifies the groups sound.

Slow Your Roll

If you know me you know I loooove that lean...Im def not mad at this, ship it to Indy ASAP. The drink's publicist called it the 'extreme relaxation beverage' that goes great with vodka. The carbonated, grape-flavored beverage is spiked with melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. The creator was apparently thinking of the hip hop community when he concocted it. The product's press release says, "From design to production, every aspect of this calming drink was inspired by today’s popular hip hop artists who embrace the much sought-after hip hop lifestyle that encourages people to capture a stress-free state of mind."