Monday, April 28, 2008

Im On My Euro Ish...Get Me

Newsflash: the American dollar is worthless. At the rate things are going, we’re going to be wiping our asses with Benjamins in six months. Meanwhile, with the European Union’s currency adding up to over 50% more than America’s, stacking Euros is the new way to ball. Shoot, even Jay-Z was showing off a stack of Euros in the “Blue Magic” video.
So unless you wanna look like a poor American, I suggest you pick up this Martin Margiela Euro Wallet. Inside is a nice leather billfold where you can keep those pesky greenbacks hidden, while the outside is masked by a faux-5 Euro note with a band tied around it. Unfortunately, you’ve gotta spend about $387 (American) at Oki-Ni to get one.

The Ting Tings Getting That I-Pod Money

Someone recently asked me why I call my blog Dont act like I never told you...its simple. For example I told ya'll when 08 rang in that The Ting Tangs were one of my top 10 artists to watch for in 08...well looks like the next “it” band to blow up from an Apple advertisement could be The Ting Tings. Although the British pair have never gotten a major commercial look, lead singer Katie White and instrumentalist Jules De Martino could very well become the new Feist, who blew the fuck up last year when “1,2,3,4″ was featured in a Nano commercial. In addition to the Apple co-sign, the Ting Tings’ new single “Shut Up and Let Me Go” will appear on their debut album, We Started Nothing (due out May 19). Ahhh I love being right =]

Here is the song that got me started on The Ting Tings-Fruit Machine (the 2nd joitn in the vid)

Thats Gangsta...

Bun B feat Sean Kingston

Trendhumper: Shiny Jackets

Despite the flack Diddy and Bad Boy’s ‘97 roster earned for rocking shiny suits, the hate from flashless rappers never stopped them from being ahead of their time. This was the jiggy era in all its extravagent splendor; rappers were making money (or at least recoupable advances) off of their materialistic lyrics, and blinding fans with the reflection of their success was the ultimate way to show and prove. Need a refresher? Go back into Puff’s archive—the video for “Mo Money Mo Problems,” “Been Around the World,” all the way up to “Let’s Get It”—and you’ll realize that in the late ’90s “subtlety” was just a word that came between Styles P and Total in Bad Boy’s Soon To Be Dropped Dictionary.

Nowadays, fashion is even louder, as 2008 has ushered in a resurrection. Call it the Neo-Jiggy Era. The flat form of yesteryear’s track jackets and windbreakers have been given a slick new finish by trendy rappers like B.O.B. in this year’s L-R-G spring ad campaign and Pharrell for BBC/Ice Cream. Think shiny gear is here to stay, or a thing of the past? Hump or Dump it?

Be Thankful You Have 20/20

Everyone knows the laundry list of things that make being blind suck. Sure, the obvious drawbacks of not being able to watch TV and walk without bumping into everything makes living as a blind person tough, but what about when it comes time to splash-off? Hooking up must be sketchy for the sightless—never knowing if the alleged perfect 10 model they’re with is actually Joe-Joe the she-male from around the way.

To help combat extreme horniness of the unsighted, PornForTheBlind, a not-for-profit organization, has been created. The website features monotone guest speakers (think Ben Stein) reading descriptions of top-notch porno scenes without leaving out a single detail...

Driving Down The Block Reeemix

Colette x Married To The Mob x Reebok Freestyle High Release Date

Ladies, be prepared to break out the plastic and glue your fingers to your keyboard. Fellas, if you know what's good for you aka "what's good for your girlfriends", we suggest you do the same.The release of the much hyped Colette x Married To The Mob x Reebok Freestyle High is soon upon us with 350 pairs available worldwide and 50 pairs available for purchase as of May 5th on the MOB Shop.

The Roots-Rising Up Video

Drums are nuts...

Bake Up Boyz-Now I Can Do That

Kinda feeling this...

Connect 4 is like chess for dumb people...

As most of you know Ima huge Connect 4 fan...I dare you to take me on. Anyways this is prolly the funniest thing Ive seen in a know who they are. Umm peep the Lollipop Remix Kanye throws on at the end...need a cdq version of that

Connect 4 - Jonah Hill vs. Kanye from kwest on Vimeo.

Bape Store Opening In Los Angeles

Bape is really starting to get big in the US...Wednesday popped off a new store in LA, might have to make a trip to Cali soon...anyways here's a pic of prolly the 5 dopest people alive in the world right now director Joel Silver, Pharrell, Nigo (creator of Bape), Kanye, & my favorite artist Takashi Murakami

New R. Kelly

1st single off his next cd...Hair Braider

Glo Pillow

Here Lesley this is what I was talking about...haha I could see you going nuts with this thing

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Madonna Feat Pharrell & Kanye-Beat Goes On

Brand new, Neptunes on the beat, Pharrell on the hook, Kanye on the verse...I digs

Bape x G-Shock - "Navy Sta Camo"

With the 25th anniversary of G-Shock we have seen many collaborations on the classic digital watch. But if you go back a little, Bape was one of the first and only ones to work on them.
This time they created a navy blue G-Shock, featuring the Sta Camo around the screen. It will also be released in Bape stores in Japan on April 28th.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Power Move

If keeping the A/C on all day and watching TV (ahem Di) is your idea of an All-American summer then take a look at this Phillips Eco Flat TV. It features 1920 x 1080p resolution (just as HD as the next one) but also has backlight dimmers that kick in during darker scenes and when light levels in the room are low, cutting energy use. Also think less lower = a lower bill.

Forget About Sarah Marshall Interview

All I have to say is Forgetting Sarah Marshall is an instant classic, best movie I have seen in the theatre since The Departed...seriously one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I would prolly check it out. Jason Segel is the writer and star of the film. He played a scum bag in knocked up and is part of Apatow's genius crew.

Throwback Video

Although it aint relaly that old, on the eve of the Cool Kids concert here in Indy I thought I'd drop it

Horry Kow

Im not a Cubs fan but this is kinda dope...

Nike Air Kanyeezy

On several recent occasions Kanye West has been wearing some mysterious new Nike sneakers and the internet sneaker world has been trying to get hold of some decent images ever since. Here is a close-up of the actual shoe.
The high top sneaker comes with lots of nice materials, including premium leather, perforated leather, suede and a patent leather strap. Also it comes in a strong set of colors. Seriously I need to get my hands on birthday is in a couple of months =]

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Full House Errr Bape Show

I had to post this pic, haha Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen made it out to the Bape Show Kanye, Pharrell, Teriyaki Boys Etc) Out In Hong Kong...Here they are posing with Bape creator Nigo...bow in the presence of greatness

Vid of N.E.R.D doing my fav joint right now "Spaz"

Kid Cudi on BBC 1Xtra

BBC 1Xtra DJ Mista Jam has made the Crookers remix of “Day ‘N’ Nite” his “Jam Hot Of The Week,” Kid Cudi has def been on my radar this year...original is dope too, look for it on youtube to catch up...

Hedi Slimane...The Genius

World famous fashion designer Hedi Slimane who perhaps has become best known for his stellar work at Dior Homme has taken an active role in photography as witnessed by his ongoing blog. Among his subjects were super model is def amazing, but be forwarned some of the pics are topless so not safe for work or school although it def is art and not porn but most Americans still can't tell the difference, anyways check it out

McLovin Needs You!!!!!!!!

Tyga Feat Travis McCoy From Gym Class Heroes-Coconut Juice

Trak is def so nuuuuutssss...shoutout to my boy JV you peep his site as well, kid hooks it up at

Santogold-The Creator

745 AM and I been bumping this all morning...Santogold, one of my artists to watch for 2008


The Moor Rubie Yudell Architects-designed garage is on its way to being the first LEED Certified parking structure in the USA. The structure provides 900 parking spaces (14 of which are devoted to electric vehicles) throughout six levels of above ground parking and one and a half levels of below ground parking. Free bicycle storage is also available to encourage alternate transportation. The parking garage, which is the Santa Monica Civic Center parking structure, has a solar panel arrangement that provides all of the building's energy needs. Not only is the building energy efficient, it also contains many sustainable features such as a storm drain water treatment system, recycled construction materials, low-VOC paints and coatings, low-e glazing for heating and cooling efficiency, and energy efficient mechanical systems. The Glass Association of North America also awarded the firm a design award based on the use of laminated glass panels.

PSA...Glow In The Dark Tour

The soon to be legenadary tour kicked off last night in Seattle and personally Ima ty my best to not get to into the details until my May 23rd show in Chicago but for those of you who arent goign and can still get your hands on a ticket, I highly suggest you do is a snap from a rehearsel...the sets and lighting alone are suppose to be insanse

Kanye X Nike

If ya'll remember Kanye's crazy as kicks from the Grammy's that he designed with Nike, well eh was spotted rocking another colorway while on David Letterman (Sig Chi waddup!)...Nike needs to drop these asap...Hypebeasts will def drop $250 easy on em...guilty

This Is For The Ladies

I had a couple girls asking me about some of the hope hoodie/skirt pieces as seen on the likes of Rhianna...I have to agree it's def a good look and on sale at Armani Exchange right now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Roots-Birthday Girl Video

I like the collabo...nice trak, I like it better now seeing the vid

Kid Sister On MTVU

Hyperdunk: The Kobe 4?

In more awesomeness news from the Nike “Innovation Summit” on Beijing Olympics tech comes the Hyperdunk. This basketball shoe features “Flywire” technology, a feature that was originally developed to help Nike make a lighter-than-air track spike (which they did and will also debut at Beijing). Flywire works a lot like a suspension bridge, where instead of panels providing support, there are “cables” that are sewn across the foot for support while cutting back and forth, cutting down on weight substantially.

Trendhumper: Man Handbags

Everyone that knows me knows I love my backpacks, sometimes I wear to parties to work anywhere, but if you really wanna stunt when visiting somewhere or if you got a girl with style this is def becoming a trend...many brands are now making unisex hand bags...

I Know Im Late-New Ursher Vid

I have to admit I wasnt sold on this my first 5-10 spins, but Polow did kill the beat and the video is legit...btw his love interest in the Vid is none other than Timbo's female protege Keri Hilson and um she looks nice

Big Dreams

Footage of The Game working on his latest street single just hours after getting out of jail...



For Kara lol

CRS Confirmed...

Lupe Fiasco's supergroup with Kanye West & Pharrell ?!!?!!

Lupe Fiasco-Paris, Tokyo

2nd fav jam of his new cd after "Gold Watch"...notice the line about "fly as Ibn Jasper" dude is a huge influence on my style...Ferrari Murakami

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Throwback This Throwback That...


The remix with Luda is a little bit cleaner but no actual vid so...

Flashing Lights Listening Art

Like it better than the official video...


More Kanye Listening Art

This song is so underrated...a bit explict for the kiddies


Madonna-4 Minutes Video

Timbo killed the beat and cot damn Madonna is still killin the game...expect a very heavily hip-hop influenced album with Timbo, Danja, & Neptunes holding down the beats

Madonna Feat Justin Timberlake & Timbaland-4 Minutes from MINIMP3CENTER on Vimeo.

Murakami Opening Event @ Brooklyn Museum

Last night at the Brooklyn Museum, the Louis Vuitton Don celebrated the opening of Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami’s new exhibit at a party thrown by (who else?) Louis Vuitton. While MissInfo recently posted a clip of ’Ye doing “Stronger,” I also managed to get our hands on some exclusive footage of him performing “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” Act more stupidly after the jump!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Throwback Joint...

This joint kicked off the summer of 03...before most knew who TI was
Reminds me of my night down in Nashville "Tear It Out Da Frame" at Club NV getting mad twisted when I was only 19 (God Bless fake ID's...I was McLovin) Dope weekend via Tour De South

Your Friendly Lip-Syncing Computer Companion

This is kinda cool, I dont think I need one but kinda cool
Dancing coke can, you’re on notice. The new favorite musical robot is Tengu, a little Japanese-made critter that plugs into your USB and lip syncs with his bright LED face. To wake him up from his slumber, you simply blow on his face. Then, you can blow on his microphone to change his look. This square guy has 14 different facial expressions, which move in time with music or the sound of typing on your keyboard...

The Streets Is Watching...

Anyone who knows me knows Ima pizza dude, I eat like prolly 467 times a week...I hate Domino's but I might have to order one for this alone

Ever since Domino’s did away with their dangerous “30 minutes delivery or the pizza’s free” policy, the game just hasn’t been the same. Well now, they’re taking the delivery world by storm again with their Pizza Tracker system, the first surefire way to know the exact status of your order.
The tracker allows customers to follow the progress of their pies on from the time they hang up the phone to the time their meal is being delivered. Over 3,400 Domino’s Pizza stores are equipped with the big brother type technology that will show customers when their order is being prepped, when it’s out of the oven and when it’s left the Domino’s location. You’ll even get the first name of the person who’s delivering your food, which will allow you to hold he or she accountable if they’re dragging their feet.

Everyone Nose Video...

Coming Soon

Here's a pic from the shoot with kanYe & Chad Hugo...2 of the greatest production masterminds of our era

Kaws with the dope nose costume...if you dont know what the song means, um quit listening to music

Ursher Preview

Believe the full length drops on case of the Mundays, Im done

Btw cameo from Kanyeezy

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami - Monogramouflage

Over at WWD Ie came across some interesting information about the opening of the Takashi Murakami exhibition that we previewed here already. Aside from presenting a new Monogramouflage pattern developed by the artist, the message behind the pattern is also quite special.

"Tonight, Vuitton is celebrating Takashi Murakami's "© Murakami" exhibition with a "Brooklyn Ball" at the Brooklyn Museum featuring a special performance by Kanye West, the unveiling of a new camouflage print developed by Murakami and Marc Jacobs called Monogramouflage and a special installation designed to bring attention to one of the industry's biggest travails — counterfeits.

But rather than simply hand out leaflets to alert guests about the importance of protecting original designs, the French luxury goods house will be taking a novel, somewhat intriguing route. Outside the museum, Vuitton is setting up 10 New York-style street vendors — not to sell fakes, but rather authentic Louis Vuitton product and special Monogramouflage canvases that Murakami has created specifically for the exhibition."

If you can make it out there and get one of those Monogramouflage canvas, you can be sure it's a good investment! Hopefully they will be using the pattern on leather goods as well.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Throwback Joint

This one goes out to Blue...

CRS Shirt

The first (of probably many) CRS inspired t-shirts seems to have hit e-Bay, and it has the Hip-Hop super group members meticulously detailed and ready for war.

Pharrell, Lupe and Kanye seem to be draped in BAPE, and even Kanye’s strapping Ato Matsumoto boots make an appearance. The tight-jean trio toting big guns left us a bit confused, being that there’s not three MC’s in the game who put less work in the street—but who wants to get dirty when you’re rocking $300 jeans? Not us. If you’re feeling it get in an intense bidding war with fellow hipsters

Is It 2015 Yet?

I just had too

Jonny #5?

New Pixar Movie...I'd be lying if I said this doesn't look dope

WALL-E PIXAR TRAILER from kwest on Vimeo.

Blu & Exile - Blu Colla Workers

Get familiar

I Know Im Late

I just got my hands on the Panic cd finally...def dope

Murakami @ Brooklyn Museum Preview

If you live or are in the NY area I'd def check this, as you all know Takashi Murakami is by far my fav and the dopest pop culture artist right now...peep it
April 5–July 13, 2008
Morris A. and Meyer Schapiro Wing and Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Gallery
4th and 5th Floors

60% Of The Time, It Works Everytime...

What kind of man err STRAIGHT man doesn’t want a cologne that has the power to pull in herds of salacious women to him? Yeah, I don’t know either. Brian Fontana’s Sex Panther by Odeon was too hysterical to ignore, so in tribute to the movie Triumvir made a shirt...cop it

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Dougie

I guess this is killing it down South...Get Familiar

Bjork-Wanderlust Video

This ish is nuts

Lupe @ Spring Break

2nd fav song off of The Coolness


Kanye had the last link only availabler to a certain you all can see it

Again notice that dope ass Stussy plaid a certain someone rocked a couple months ago at WIU...haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Throwback Joint...Ohh Baby I Like It Raaaaw

Nuff Saud