Monday, March 31, 2008

F Your Couch

Sorry to break it to you homie, but your limited edition Dunks don’t impress the chicks you should be focused on. If you’re looking to score points with some classy broads, trick out your apartment with a dope furniture piece like this pixilated couch. The acidy-trippy scheme of the 2.5m couch was cooked up by London-based designer Cristian Zuzunaga and has received co-signs in proven publications like Design Week. I am seriously considering chillin on the wardrobe for a minute and copping this...

Ato Matsumoto 2008 Spring/Summer Footwear Collection

Since the 2007 Summer Jam everybody was getting their panties in a knot over what the deal was. Since then, the chunky velcro'd sneaker has seen a few renditions come and go. The latest colorways feature a metallic silver colorway as well as previous styles including cowhide leather with patent in both white and black. At a price of ¥30,450 JPY (approximately $306 USD), the price if you have a Japanese hook-up is respectable for what some consider a high end fashion sneaker. Available now for pre-order at Rowgage...I copped a pair in the fall but Ima 12 biggest they go is an 11 and they def fit like an 11. I need a 12!

The Godfather X Bape

Award winning gangster film The Godfather is set to be reinterpretated by Japanese brand A Bathing Ape. The first look only reveals the original The Godfather logo with Bape's trademark camo design. The shirts will only be available through the members only Nigo's Favorite Shop section starting April 1st.

Disco In A Box

The International Dance Party Disco In A Box, designed by the Berlin-based artist, Niklas Roy. It houses a mini disco complete with 600 watt speakers, LED message board that runs a message, "Dance to Start the Party", light show, a built-in smoke machine that spews fog onto the dance floor and, above all disco ball. The flight box features a radar that is able to detect people dancing, whereby it will then jump into action by dropping its motorized face and revealing its music set-up. And, the party mood is maintained with the constant reminder "Dance to Start the Party" in 20 languages.

Dru Hill Is Back!!!! Err Um Maybe Not

Boombox On The Shoulder...Re-Up

Designer Joonas Saaranen has created the Reppo II - an urban hardshell backpack with built-in speakers...

Chicago Stand UP!!! Kanye West-Homecoming Video

HOMECOMING from kwest on Vimeo.

Uhh Hmmm again notice the Stussy Flannel shirt I rocked at WIU 2 months ago...Get Familiar

Sometimes I Dream, That These Are Mine...

So, remember about a month ago when I completely geeked out over news that the Carmine VIs were finally getting a retro release? And I said that shoe might well be the shoe of the year? Well I was wrong. According to Sneakernews, the III end of the upcoming III/XX Countdown Pack will be the classic black Jordan III! Are you kidding me? Black III’s. The shoes pictured are from the last time they were available in 2001. There haven’t been any leaked images, but I can’t see them making too many changes. Now if only I could score a pair without having to pay for a pair of XX’s as well. I guess that’s how they’re getting all of us though. Dare I even suggest Laney V’s? Look for these in your dreams, and in stores in October.

Throwback Joint

Ahhh reminds me Thirsty Thursday at the Highland Dorms Freshman year...

Head Porter Plus x Honeyee x Fragment x Burton Excursion Sleeper Hoodie

Some of you might still remember the Sleeper Hoodie by Burton, which came out last year. It features an eye-cover, glove like departments for the hands as well as an integrated cushion of the neck, really anything in order to make sure you have a good sleep when on the road. Now Head Porter Plus, Honeyee and Fragment remixed the hoodie. Here's a first look at it here in white. They kept it subtle with a tonal logo on the chest and otherwise all the features the original has as well.

I Know Im Late...Jordin Sparks "No Air"

As some people know I don't listen to the radio, I rarely watch TV. I do all my music word of motuh or blog style...I knew who Jordin Sparks was from MSNBC when they get all pop...anyways long story short a friend asked me to dl this Sat for em and Im hooked, this song is so dope

C'mon people lemme know whats up

World Hunger...

In 2005, Peter Menzel published Hungry Planet which featurerd a photographic study of families from around the world, revealing what people eat during the course of one week. The photo above shows the Revis family from North Carolina. View more from the Time photo galleries of “What the World Eats”.
April is National Food Month, but not everyone is blessed to have enough food. In fact, according to Bread for the World, 854 million people in the world go hungry and in developing countries over 9 million children die every year from hunger and malnutrition.
But there is something we all can do to help.
Websites such as FreeRice, FreeFlour and Helpuu all allow you to help end hunger at no cost. The Hunger Site also lists a number of ways to help free of charge...people learn the meaning of tithe, this is a way to really give back.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random Vids

Just some songs Ive came across this weekend that i found to be pretty, pretty, preeettty good

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lil Wayne-Milli

Not even saving it for a 5 for is so dope

Carter 3...yup

This Girl Is Great In Bed...Singing That Is

Damn she kills it...amazing voice

Friday, March 28, 2008

Its Friday...Take A Guess

Jumpoff Jumpoff...too lazy to upload em myself on divshare so u get crappy utube versions, I know, I know

#5 Flo-Rida Feat Lil Wayne-American Superstar
The beat is cold and the flows are anemic...seriously this song is def dope, Flo-Rida has 4 strong singles on his album, rest is garabage but he's gonna def have club bangers well into Labor Day

#4 Nelly Feat Fergie-Party People
Polow Da Don...damn man I mean 07 he had a big year but he is killing some beats in 08 again, has teh 31 song with Ursher's joint and this could def blaze radio as well. Nelly needs to come back with some of that Country Grammar swag, def a good start

#3 Outkast Feat Raekwon-Royal Flush
Skew It On The BBQ Unofficially Part 2? Hahhaha! Alright, seriously yo Outkast kills it when they want to, this song is nuts and iot's nice to see The Chef bring back the 36 Chamberz flow, I have been burnign this all week. Not your club joint but this aint my top 5 shake your asses joints, ya dig? Seriously who's f'n with Andre 3000?

#2 The Game-Big Dreams
The beat is so raw, Cool N Dre thats whats up...The Game gets out of jail and slays it in like 3 days, have a feeling the new album is gonna be legit. By the way this isnt an official vid, something some dude did, kinda cool

#1 N.E.R.D-Spazz
Shot Live in CDQ leak of this joint yet, this show was less than a week after the 1 I saw. This song was nuts, so much energy and the production is crazy. I believe it would have to be the 2nd single off their new cd. Its just crazy, so appropriate

There you have it kids, enjoy the NCAA Tourney this weekend, drink a Mickey's 40, sip that lean do what ya gotta do

Comme Des Garcons x 10 Corso Como Denim Tote Bag

Dope and just in time for the summer ladies...Comme des Garcons x 10 Corso Como x Levi's denim tote bag...It is now available at Conceptshop.

Air Jordan 1 Opening Day Pack

To pay tribute to Michael Jordan's first albeit less talented love of baseball comes an Air Jordan 1 pack called the "Opening Day". One of the dope baseball highlights is the baseball stitching seen across the side of the toebox. Available in two different pinstripe colors. Available now at select Jordan accounts.

Why Band Geeks Are Cooler Than You

Playing With Your Food?

I mean I wouldn't even eat...

N.E.R.D-Seeing Sounds

Synesthesia, if you dont havew it I am sorry
Here is N.E.R.D talking about the new the way I wanted to post my vid clips from the concert but it was too loud ll the sound was muffled horribly so it just wasn't worth on the lookout for their new song "Spazz" Cot Damn!

Back...Err Barack Is The Future

It makes sense, the style in Back To The Future II is beyond dope...I am...uhh hmmm I AM ENDORSING OBAMA...I know big suprise but they better be posting that on MSNBC ok-k-k-kaaaay

Ok i got a little off topic, pick up the shirt, I am

Throwback Jizzoint!

Take it baaaackkkk

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jacking For Techno...

I have had this joint on my I-Pod since late 07...I am not gonna lie its mad catchy as i still bump it now and then. Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" def jacked some techno swag as well. What do yas think? Would this get you going in the club? Lemme Know...Get Familiar

Giorgio Armani x Samsung Phone

The high fashion meets electronics company collaboration has claimed another victim as Giorgio Armani and Samsung have teamed up together on a new phone. Just recently Samsung also partnered with adidas on a new training system phone. The Giorgio Armani sports a slim 10.5 mm thickness with a bundle of features including a 3.0 MP camera, music player function and microSD card expansion. The phone will also come packaged with an exclusive leather case as well.

Yo! MTV Raps Is Back

Ever since Yo! MTV Raps was cancelled 20 years ago rap fans have been keeping their fingers crossed in hope of the return of the first real tv show to bring hip-hop to a mainstream audience. This April, their wish is granted as MTV will re-air the classic episodes hosted by Dr. Dre and Ed Lover, featuring Fab 5 Freddy to commemorate the show’s anniversary. While the re-runs plan to satisfy old-school rap lovers, this should be a wake up call to the network’s execs that hip-hop (or their videos) isn’t dead, and that they could very-well resurrect the show showcasing the talented new generation.
Meth-Ticaaaaaal Kills His Verse, Damn Method Man, Bring It Back. Yo Hammertime aka Redman waddup?

You Readdy For The Throwback Joint?

George Harrison-While My Guitar Gently Weeps


Santogold "L.E.S. Artistes"

She was one of my artists to watch for in def a good start

Cell Phone Disco

Cell Phone Disco makes visible the hidden electromagnetic waves that emanate from cell phones. It's an interactive art installation that lights up LEDs in various degrees when a phone passes by. It's on exhibit through April 2nd in at the Wood Street Gallery in Pittsburgh.

Graduation Listening Art Pt 4



Yo doesn't it look like Turtle?? Either way, ouch!

I-Phone 3 Piece Band

I need my T-Mobile contract to run out soon...

I Aint Al Bundy But...

Ladies these shoes are def dope...these Sergio Rossi “Bloody Pumps” give murderous a whole new meaning. It’s the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre with some sass every time a lady slips these on. Get ‘em ladies. Available here. $464

The Teen President

I have been a fan of Teyana Taylor for a minute now which it started off simply by her style of dressing which I caught about a year ago I came across her after she started poppin up with Pharrell which she is now signed to his label...I guess she was on My Sweet 16 umm I dont watch but some of you might be able to recognize her from that. Anyways her album is supposed to drop end of May and I'm just giving you a heads up this girl finna blow...def check the link to get at her myspace page

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Drayk Freestyle...Just Keep It On Repeat

Shoutout To My Sister...

Just throwing this out there since I can :) ya kid
Song that reminds me of you when you used to torture me

Reebok x Married To The Mob Freestyle

Today I came across a first pic of the Reebok x Married To The Mob Freestyle. After Claw Money and Mama Clothing this would be the next girls brand collaborating with a sneaker company. It looks like the sneaker comes in all white with an all-over print of the MOB lipstick lips. The sole comes in translucent red also featuring the lips over-sized. I am still waiting to see a girl wear Married to the Mob in person...wear it, you will thank me. Sidebar: I don't find all these girls who dress exactly like every other girl when i go out remotely attractive...where is people's creativeness? I give up

World Wide Bape Heads Show T-Shirt & More

I already showed you the tv commercial for the World Wide Bape Heads Show, which will be taking place soon in Hong Kong. Here you see now the two t-shirts that were made for the occasion...

So We're We The Loser's On Oprah's Big Give?

I have posted vids from these dudes before...gotta go with em again, they got my thoughts down perfect...I mean I'ma be honest Rick Ross' new cd is legit but c'mon tell me it woulda went #1 in 2000? Def Jam's plan for success is working

Def Jam's Secrets To Success! from jeff on Vimeo.

Daily Swagger

The Rocco has always been a perfect switch-up for times when we’ve had to look proper. This Spring, Creative Rec took the WASP-y steez even further by adding navy blue anchors all throughout the uppers, that’ll have the Vineyard-Vines jocking chicks finally noticing your kicks . You can’t look dirty all the time, rock ‘em on occasions you bring the seersucker out.$115,

More Kanye Listening Art...


For The Ladies...

The Richard Prince 2008 Louis Vuitton Spring Handbag Line for Marc Jacobs...girls quite rocking the same old prints, as my boy Drake says its time to Ch-ch-change it uuuuppp

You're Only As Dope As Your House Phone

The Lego phone($60) is not just a model made by Logo, it is a real phone...This phone has mute and redial buttons. You also can open the drawer on the side, pull out the legos, and start building on the phone itself. Other features has a switch for turning the ringer low, high, and off and a switch for Tone or Pulse dialing.

Throwback Joint

D'Angelo-Devil's Pie

I need Belly on DVD again (bday is coming in like 4 months)...the copy my ex stole for me was stolen as well haha...thats college

The Hova Diaries...

This ish is very interesting via DJ A-Trak's blog...he has been used by Kanye on tour for a couple years now, sick DJ, got his own label popping (Kid Sister)...I suggest you read

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Throwback Joint...Down Bottom

Stronger Video

Ok this one is crazy!!! Akira chopped up 2 Stronger! Keep in mind these are not "real videos". Derrick Lee (the editor from Flashing Lights) edited all of these in 3 days! Good Morning was very minimal and this one is the total opposite.


Good Morning...

If anybody experienced or heard about the legendary Kanye West-Graduation release party held last summer in New York, here are the videos Derrick and Kanye designed exclusively for the event. They did 7 and the rest of the songs were done with lighting. There's no video of the light show. I'ma start with Good Morning 2001 and hit you with another vid every couple days..... sidebar, don't worry the Murakami vid will be officially released in due time.

GOOD MORNING 2001 from kwest on Vimeo.

Stuntin 101...

Next time you’re at the club popping bottles, just know that you aren’t really balling.
The new edition of Perrier-Jouet champagne, which went on sale this week, will likely be the subject of countless future rap songs with its record-breaking price and exclusivity. It’s being sold only in 12-bottle box sets, each of which carries a price tag of around $77,000. Every potential customer is required to travel to France to meet one-on-one with their cellar master, who will top off each bottle with a personalized “liqueur.” I'm awaiting Hova’s taste-test

F Death

I don't know why but I def think this is a dope concept....The Original Fake website has been updated with a new graphic of the KAWS Companion in the missionary position with the Grim Weeper. This artwork by the artist KAWS most likely has the hidden meaning "Fuck Death". This interesting graphic will be used on an upcoming t-shirt from KAWS' brand, Original Fake. Look for this tee to drop at Original Fake in Japan or at Original Fake dealers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Portishead Coming Soon

Yes, it seems everyone’s favorite moody trip-hop group is officially back.

After a nearly decade-long hiatus, Portishead is currently prepping their third studio album, Third, for release on April 28. The trio from Bristol just leaked the album’s first music video for “Machine Gun,” and its grainy, security camera-esque visuals definitely match the song’s cold, industrial feel.

Lupe Fiasco-Hip Hop Saved My Life Video

Lupe's def killin it

Lil Wayne-Lollipop Video

The audio version that leaked needs that sick guitar part


Speaking of Hong Kong

Damn I Wish I Lived In Hong Kong

Throwback Joints

Junior Mafia-Player's Anthem
Song is still so sick...Big was amazing, I know we all wonder what teh game'd be like if him & Pac where still doing it up

50 Cent-21 Questions
Def my jam 5 years ago right now and damn Meagan Good...I still love you

New Bapestas

Here you see the latest Bapesta sneaker from Bape. This time they combines two popular patterns, dots and stripes. They released the "Dot Stripe" Bapestas in overall four colorways - silver/gold, gold/silver, black/silver and black/gold. These are now available at Cliff Edge.

Snowboarding Swag...Burton x NoPattern/Chuck Anderson - '09 Light Camo Jacket

Here is an interesting new jacket that Chuck Anderson of NoPattern designed for Burtons 2009 collection - the Light Camo Jacket. It features an all-over design similar to the works we are used to see from the designer/artist.
That's what's so dope about designing for a snowboard company - it might be a little crazy to wear every day, but it's just fine to wear it while boarding. The jacket will not come out for a while, so keep an eye out later this year. You might see me finally snowboarding...highly doubt it

Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Need For A 5 For Friday...She Lick Me Like A Lollipop, Nuff Said

This overtook Erykah Badu's "Honey" as my fav track of the 1st quarter as it comes to an end...the song is just so nuts. The Autotone raps? The constanst bridges that kill...Wayne Killed It

C-Call Me, I can get it juicy for ya...

Throw Back Thursday...

Couple of traks got a lot of burn this week on my i-pod, couldnt choose just 1...

Cool Breeze-Watch For The Hook
Dude from ATL...this song was nuts, didn't get enough credit when it dropped in 99. Back with Andre 3000 was killing it but Big Boi's guest verse was the dopest

De La Soul-Oooh
This track kicked off the summer of 2000 and you gotta love the Dave Chappelle cameo before 90% of the world knew who he was...

Ja Rule-Down 4 U
Irv Gotti used to come up with some crazy beats...Ima admit I thought all of Ja's crooning tracks were pretty nice from like 2000-02 and yeah G-Unit def murked him out the game but I still like throwing this on, mad catchy

Talib Kweli-Waiting For The DJ
2002...feel good track, this song and Lucy Pearl's "Dance Tonight" always put me in a house party mood.

Snoop-Life Of Da Party

One of my top 5 joints last week, vid dropped the other day...songs def nice

Pineapple Express

Suppose to be the "it" comedy of 08...MIA "Paper Planes" over the trailer, its def about weed lol. Sorry the actually video player is so small, all I could find.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beast Of The East

Just picked up my copy of He Got Game finally...always dependant of Hammer's back in the day and it made me think of this....

One of my favorite Denzel Washington movie scenes ever is in He Got Game, when Denzel’s character is accosting Rosario Dawson and some lame tries to intervene (start from 1:40).Now that’s how you shut someone the f up. Funny enough, Jesus Shuttlesworth (a.k.a. Ray Allen) pulled off a similar move on Rip Hamilton last week during the Celtics’ win over the Pistons (clip here). Sure, it was Ray Ray’s elbow, not an open hand, but the effect was all the same. Gully.

Keeping The Peace With A Scarf

Time to move on guys, we know the reason that you wear a shemagh is because it’s cheap, washable and makes you look like a cultured artiste/freedom fighter. And you’re kinda right. But now that the trend has reached critical mass (you can thank Kanye and Lupe) and there are bright purple versions being sold on Broadway, you could end up looking more like a conformist than a leader.
If you’re going to do it, at least come correct by copping a scarf from A Peace Treaty. The name of the brand is no gimmick—the handcrafted scarves were created by a Pakistan Muslim and Libyan Jew coming together for the sake of fashion. As long as it’s about high quality, we’re down to give peace a chance.

Throwback Joint-Stutter Remix

Taking it back to 01....

Danity Kane-Damaged

Bloggin Live from the Butler vs Cleveland St game...commitment, show you how to do this son

This song is alright, mainly posted it cause of my girl Aubrey O'Day haha

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Throwback Jam...Noreaga-Grimey

Keep that Neptunes theme going...

Classic Lapdance...Um Not Like That

8 Days til the NERD concert...yessur

I'm Bonin Seth Rogen

Forget about Sarah Silverman & Jimmy Kimmel

Oh yeah be on the lookout for Elizabeth Banks & Seth Rogen's movie...produced by none other than the genius Kevin Smith

Nike Air Force 1 Low - Black/Red Colorway

New from the Nike camp is this Nike Air Force 1 Low in a Michael Jordan inspired black and red colorway. The black and red colors are of course from the Chicago Bulls where Michael won most of his championship rings. This limited edition sneaker will be available at selected retailers such as Mita Sneaker soon.

Bone Thugs - Resurrection

This song came on my I-Pod today, forgot how dope Bone was, this isnt even in their prime


11 years since Biggie died...still sad

Bring back the shiny suits mang

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Five For Friday

Here's some new jams to downloand before you head to spring break, sitting at work and need new ish on the i-pod, or if you're like Heidi you put songs on your 1988 boombox and have dance contests versus your alter ego...its been a long time, I shouldn't have left you without some dope beats to step to

#5 Snoop Dogg Feat Too Short & Mistah F.A.B-Life Of The Party

These are the kinda beats that Snoop needs to be on. Snoop has admitted that he isn't penning much of his rhymes on this cd which is supposed to be the biggest sin in hip-hop but I really don't care Snoop has paid his dues...this trak is def nice

#4 N.E.R.D-Everyone Nose

I am pretty sure this already made one of my 5 for Fridays but whatever. This is one of the dopest traks i have heard in a minute. Pharrell is comign strong, Chad is back in teh studio. I have a feeling this is going to be the summer album that catches people by suprise. Lovin the tracks not so subtle refrence to doing coke and the beat is crazy. Did anyone see Pharrell's spaz dance at the BET Rip the Runway? Dude somehow always makes it work...def excited to see em in a couple weeks in concert.

#3 Gnarls Barkley-Going On

Any other week this would have easily been #1. Run has been a top 5 favorite track so far in 08 and did anyone see the video? It was bananas and well they are banning from TV because it may cause seizures? Haha wtf? Gnarls Barkley's new cd is def better than St Elsewhere which was almost a classic as well.

#2 Rick Ross Feat Jay-Z-Maybach Music

PSA I am not a huge Rick Ross fan at all, I like Hustlin & Blow off his last effort but i thought the rest was garbage. So far he has released Speedin & The Boss for his new cd and both have gotten constant burn from me. Then on Monday I get this track Luxury Tax where Wayne and everyone kills it. Here is the 4th track I have heard off the album and it's not a club anthem, no gimmick ringtone ish. Just some rela hip-hop and they both kill their verses. Life's a bitch so the whole world is miiiine. Just gave Ross' whole cd a listen today, it is def a solid album, watch for it.

#1 Madonna Feat Justin Timberlake-4 Minutes

So I knew for the past year that Madonna has been in England recording exclusively with Timbo & Danja as well is the Neptunes (from what I hear there will be 12 traks 7 Neptunes/5 Timbo/Danja) and I have to admit I wasn't sure how this would really work. This is the 1st song I have heard from the project and I must say Madonna is still coller than me, not that that takes a whole lot but she is like 45. The beat is crazy...expect a very club influnced album with the best producers from VA handling their business. Oh yeah Kanye will be doing a guess spot on "Beat Goes On"

Throwback Thursday?

Aint really that old but was one of my fav videos back in the summer of 04...the gold fronts were nuts

Daily Swagger

Nike tries to nail a wing-tip shoe and a premium dunk fusion, so you can nail the prom queen. These patent-leather lows feature the design you’d see on a casual wing-tip shoe and come in two colorways. They’ve hit Japanese online dealers already, no word on an U.S release date yet.

Bed & Breakfast

Maff Apartment is a "bed & breakfast" located on the third floor in the attic of a private house in The Hague. This really is a cool concept...

Homecoming-Coming Soon

Kanye is about to drop a video for Homcoming off Graduation...not a bad move after many fans were dissapointed with Flashing Lights video

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hermes x Bugatti Veyron FBG

The Bugatti Veyron is considered one of the world's fastest production cars with a 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 253mph. So what happens when you let one of the world's top fashion house design this amazing car? The result - a Hermes x Bugatti Veyron FBG which not only blows your mind but also blows your wallet. On March 4th, this Hermes x Bugatti Veyron FBG was unveiled at the Geneva Motor show. This supercar features a classy maroon exterior and a matching interior. It also comes with a special edition Hermes branded 22 inch wheels and fuel-filler cap. Price tag - 1.55 Euros.


Song is ridiculous...Ima finally do a 5 for Friday this week and this might easily crack the top 5 (I try and save them for the list but you gotta be on this asap)

Kanye X Nike Update?

Kanye has whipped the sneaker-nerds and myself into a frenzy ever since he hit the Grammy stage with these mystery Nikes. In a recent interview with the NY Times’ The Moment, ‘Ye made a quick mention about the ambiguous sneakers, simply saying “ I can’t talk about them because they’re not out yet.” It’s no secret that Nike gave Kanye a shoe, but giving him his own silhouette? Damnnnnnn—Word to Jeezy. We’ll keep you updated as we get more information about these 1 of 1s.

Skate Board P Interview

Kids nuts-less than 2 weeks for his show

ODB-I Got Your Money

Hubbard where you at?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Throwback Joint

Had my music on random this came on...forgot how nuts the beat was and how nice DMX could be when he was on point

Luxury Tax

This has been my jam of the weekend...Wayne kills hit, not a huge fan of Rick Ross but Trilla is shapping up to be fairly solid, Maybach Music with Jay-Z is legit as well and his new single "The Boss" is kinda nice as well although I hate the video

Famous Stars & Straps Angel Tee

Ima big fan of red and white (PC what?) and I thought this is one of the dopest tee's I had seen in a minute outside Stussy's new line...coudlnt find a good pic online so I used my own tee.

Kenna On David Letterman

Daily Swagger

Supra is killing the sneaker game in 08
Supra’s “NS” offers premium footwear with made for style and not skate purposes. With the black Trinity’s setting the internet ablaze, we now see the more spring/summer friendly white-colorup. Crackled leather and croc-skin soop-up the uppers, and the presence of a strap ensures a tight fit. No more description needed, it’s the summer of white (right Jeezy?), stay focused.

Wait A Minute...

Saw a Ray J vid Fri Night...not the one with KK although Ima fan haha

Anyways made me forgot how dope this song was

Gnarls Barkley-Run

Song is def nice...Cee-Lo is a genius and the JT cameo lol