Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Estelle-Wait A Minute

Check out the video for Estelle’s newest song, Wait A Minute (Just A Touch) produced by The U.K. singer is set to release her new album ‘Shine’ in February 2008, she is the first artist signed by John Legend, to his new Homeschool Records label.

Rip Goulet

They called him Big Poppa. Don’t forget to pour out a forty for a showbiz legend tonight.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drunk Girrrls

Common with a drunk fan lol

Takashi's Show @ Moca

I wish my ass woulda been there...

Ready For The Best Movie Of 08?

Thats What She Said...

Im Back, New John Legend Vid

Sorry I havent updated since last Thursday, my aunt Kay passed away and well i had an eventful weekend back in Illinois, I'll try to get a lot more up the rest of the week minus tommorow as I have some sippy sippy to do for Oct 31st..New John Legend Video to kick things off

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lil Wayne Is...


This song is so damn above everyone elses level on just the flow alone...lisssttteeeennn

Why Not Today?

New D&G Watch....$300, really not that bad, I dont rock much brown or I'd cop it

My Sidekick LX

Wallpaper is dope...right?

What What?

Noreaga rippin it back in like 99...Neptunes on the beat before anyone had a clue who they were, Blondie "Heart of Glass" sample

So Fresh & So Clean

Wow, I realize it could just be the photography but this shower looks
positively dreamy. Which is quite appropriate considering it's called
"Dream Light." It's a chromatherapy rain canopy from Jaclo Industries
that's designed to take the standard relaxing power of a shower and
turn it up a notch with the emotional and soothing power of color.
It's made of a stainless steel sheet in round, rectangle, or cube
shapes with programmable LED lights that illuminate the water as it

New Phenomenon Website

Check out the new webiste featuring an
interactive lookbook, reminisce of edgy photos of 80's fashion
magazines, with the upcoming Autumn and Winter collection.

New Mary J

Ima be honest im not all on this trak, its nice but Mary passed up on what is now known as Rhinna's "Umbrella" and this is her 1st single instead...The Dream produced this, that dude is the go to guy right now

In Case Anyone Is Curious...

My girlfriend Christina Milian is going to be on Smallville tonight...heres the director's cut

Welcome To The Future

The worlds 1st legal flying car

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Can Teach You How To Stunt

Ok new American Appareal Hoodin Im Coppin...colors are fresh to death. Check them out, they got some nice ish and good prices...their tee's are the most comfortable ever

No One Ever Realy Dies

Word on the street is that Pharrell and Chad Hugo are working on a new cd, Star Trak high priority ish and they saving all the good beats for themselves...VA Lets Go

And It's...

More throwback joints...this and No Diggity thats how got down in JH

Takin It Back Like 4 Flats on A Cadillac

One of my fav jams of the summer of 98

Sopranos Season 6 Part II

The new Sopranos season..., I'd prolly pick it up. It Dropped on dvd yesterday (10/23) of course I got mine in advance...thats right Ferrari Murakami aka Earl lee lol

Sick Kicks

Here are you two very interesting new Nike Air Force 1 packs. Both the ACG Pack and the Running Pack get their inspiration from within Nike, classics in other categories.

The ACG Package Air Force Ones are represented by the Safari, Mowabb, and Wildwood. In the Running Pack we can already show you the "Air Max 97" Air Force Ones. These have a full length Air Max sole. Along with this one Nike will also be releasing the "Air Max 95" Air Force 1. Via Nicekicks.

Unfortunately these packs will only be dropping next summer...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Common-I Want You

Full Video-Will I Am On the Beat

Nike Air Force 1 & Jordan 5 Mix

Ima cope these

Tetris Couch

This is kinda dope

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Citizen Cope

My girl Lesley got me onto this, its def nice...thanks L and oh yeah no funny Corn Pops commercials worth posting hahaha

Tracy Morgan Lil Sippy Sippy?

Um I think he had a couple 50/50's before this interview....hilarious

Thats my matin call, lol

One Of My Favorite Jams

Take It Back it like this

Run's House

Season 4...Oct 25th Yup Yup

Friday, October 19, 2007

They Wanna Bring The 80's Back, Thats Ok With Me Thats Where They Made Me At!

Kesh...I am so tired of people not taking full advantage of rocking mad colorful couture...Kesh is the best example for guys and girls. This ish is crazy, where can u find it? I'll make you do a little reserch.

The Real Kenna Video

So dope

Nigo Article


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Heidi This Is Why Im Better Than You

Who knows about Kenna? Face The Gun was so fresh...btw I preffered not to use The Ellen Degenres clip but it wouldnt allow me to post the actually vid for the trak

Style Is Everything Around You...

If you really wanna pimp your pad check out BoConcept...

Poppin Tags

Moncler is celebrating a big comeback in recent years and especially collaboration such as the one with Junya Watanabe from Comme des Garcons gave the brand a new image and flair.

Here is the Moncler x Junya Watanabe Fall/Winter 2007 collection. This time the collection was designed partly for the more dressed up label of Junya Watanabe and also some more colorful and sporty pieces for the eYe label. My favorite has to be the down blazer in the collection, a great piece.

Expect the line to land in Comme des Garcons stores and Dover Street Market London and Tokyo in the coming weeks. You can check out all pieces out of the collaborative collection after the jump.

Kanye West BET Awards

Kanye Kills it..i you dont know by now Ima huge fan and Cant Tell Me Nothing is by far my favorite trak of all time, that crazy piano makes me spaz basically

Even I Didnt Know

Me & Drake are at The Vogue last night (80s night) rippin tequilla and this ish comes on and I was like damn, I had no clue, no not whether it was a man or woman, still not sure but that Gym Class Heroes had sampled that hook, never heard this trak. So good does come from drinking, right?

Original Fake Jacket

Man Original Fake has some stoopid swag this fall...I kinda wanna grab this jacket as well


It has been a little calm around Greedy Genius the past weeks and we have also still not seen anything from their Fall 2007 collection. But here we have their latest collaboration with Famous Stars & Straps. The Greedy Genius Primo in this collaboration features a patent leather snake upper and the back panel features a Famous Stars & Straps logo all-over print.

The sneaker will release at Barneys New York this coming December!

Apologize Video

One of my favorite traks off of Timbo's cd...One Republic is def dope

Get Her To Inspect Your Gadget-Sidekick LX

I got mine (Brown) coming in 2 days...this phone is so much sleeker than the SK3. If Lil Jon has one I mean what could you possibly be waiting for?

Timbo The King

This clib is just nuts was on the Black Album movie...1st beat Brandy took it, the 3rd one Luda took for Poison, and well the 4th one we all know whats good with that. Jay dont write, straight in the booth off the dome. For those who didnt know Timbo back in 02 he was a chunkster, this clip inspired him to lose the weight...

Studio Ish

I ran accross this clip like 2 years ago, forgot how dope it was, just Pharrell basically creating a beat and writing a song for this girl (Vanessa something, I forget) and she aint even interested, she look mad bored...but its just crazy how he just flips it

Note how Chad Hugo just drops in hits a guitar melody and bounces...Chad Hugo is mad underated

Common-I Want You Trailer

Common's Lasting Forever is def my rd fav cd of the year (Kanye & Timbo are 1 & 2 for pushing the envelope musically this year)...rumor has it that Common & Kerry Washington who is directing the video are hookin up

Los Mono-Promesas

New video from Los Mono (group from Chili)...gotta admit Im feelin the beat and the video is kinda legit

Hit Me On My Beeper

Famlay-VA with Pharrell

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dwight & Jim

Best scenes ever


Trak killin his solo set...if I can find his Go DJ set ill post that as well


Everyone wants to know the jam from the title menu in Knocked Up-You're Welcome!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Not Sure Why...But This Is Hilarious

Shortys A 10

The Dream...dude has penned mad hits for everyone and finally he's getting a shot to shine...he's been with Nivea for quite some time as well. This trak has been getting constant rotation in my car the last month or so


A Bronx Tale On favorite movie ever
Good looks Lelsey

A-Traks Brother...

This is kinda good

Drug Dealin Just To Get By

Artist Empowerment

Radiohead CD...learn how they are hopefully changing the game...pick up the cd its so crazy

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Anyone who knows me knows I dont watch much TV at all but this show looks crazy

Heeyyyy Naaaassss

Nas getting things poppin in NYC


Throwback Joint

Pro Nails

Kid Sister...check her out

New Original Fake Jacket

Ima have to cop this...Im on my Uk ish

O'Doyle Rules

She Wants To Move

Still one of my fav traks...where you at Hugo?

Watch Out Now you know

Because Of This Everyone Is On Gucci Punishment

One prom pic can mess it up for the rest of us...


Cee-Lo slays this

Moo & Oink

How many of you from the Chi remember this? Lol

Flinstones Kid

Everyone always asks about Flinstones...the story plus the the punch to get crunk
Flinstones started off in the summer of 03, I was 19 in Nashville with a couple of my boys and one of Josh Niesman just mad up this random shot and started calling it Adrenaline. We quit jockin Jager Bombs and started rocking them. After having a gazillion I realized they tasted like Flinstones Vitamins and well Flinstones.

1/3 Chambord
2/3 Absolut Citron
Drop it in Red Bull like a Jager Bomb...and your on your way to get mad dumbski

Flea Market

Thanks to my connect L for hitting me up with this...too crazy

And Oh Yeah The Hood Love Weezy

The damn jam right now

My Swagger

So my boy Drake was fawkin round in the booth Im like yo i got a hook thatd sound crazy over the Lip Gloss beat...he threw it on and freestyled after the hook...killed it


With the Pop Up Store opening last Friday, Mishka has New York on lock. Now their web store is open and features their full Fall line. Mishka design is simplicity at it’s best. Just look at the hoodie-minimal branding with an asthetic color combination-the classic touch that only Mishka could pull off. Def coppin that flannel. Head over to the web store for a full product line.

Sneaker Heads

Alife has come together with Barneys New York to bring you this sleek Everybody Mid. The sneaker is customized with the classic Alife logo printed abroad and comes in three colorways. You know it’s clean and official because the insole is customized with “Barneys New York”. Now available at Barneys locations nation-wide.


Kanye in fromt of the Lights at The Alexander McQueen show...thats stoopid


Guys crazy...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Its Saturday!

Out in Broadripple with my Young Gunnas...heres a little motivational update tomorrow while I watch fball all day

Friday, October 12, 2007


Alright its Fridat Night & im out...enjoy the new Jay-Z video and I will have a nice sized update 2morrow



This guys are dope, peep the Thriller Jacket lol...check out Wale's Wale dance using the sample

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear 8 Lbs 6 Oz Baby Jesus

Hahah love this prayer...I am off to down town Indy to volunteer for the Big Brothers Big Sisters gourmet fundraiser with guest speaker Don Shula...on the real if you have a chance to give back in any shape or from it is very important that you do so

give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

—Luke 6:38

I'll try and update later if I get a chance

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh My God

This is the trak playing in the backround of that 1st video I posted of Mark Ronson, not really feeling the video but the track has been on continous play for me for about 5 months now

New Music

Tweet Feat TI-My Dear
This was originally was suppose to be a Ciara track, maybe it still is idk? I was just askign a friend where the hell is Tweet...shes def still got it

Jay-Z-Roc Boys (Clean Version)

Daft Punk-Stronger Mix From The Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

Lil Wayne Feat Babyface (New Track produced By Kanye)

Louis Vuitton Show In Paris

Daft Punk Killing It On the Tables & Naomi Cambell doing work

I Just Love This Design

New boutique in China...check the black marble

How Aint I Win?

SNL Skit of Kanye making fun Kanye

I Never Win

Kanye & Rain Wilson, funny skit from the 07 Emmys

Hot Thing

Talib Kweli joint people are sleeping except except my UK fam

Sidebar Joint

Nikka Costa...this song was crazy in 01, where the hell Nikka at?

Movie Of The Year?

I cant wait for this to drop...Heart Of the City theme, nuts

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Soul Meets Body

Thanks L for getting me onto Death this track


Sexual Chocolate

Haha best scene that Will Ferrell wasn't in


Sriiii Laaaanka

MIA-Paper Planes, def one of my fav joints, the cd version is def better


Bump It Or Dump It...

Jay-Z feat Pharell-Blue Magic

Timbaland Feat Keri Hilson-The Way I Are (One Republic Remix)

The Dreamer-Screamin On The Dancefloor
I gotta be honest i know nothing about these guys or this song, but I gotta be honest um its got my attention...hit me up with any additional info

Wyclef Feat Paul Simon-Fast Car

Duran Duran Feat Timbaland & Justin Timberlake-Night Runner
This isn't new but I am sure 90% of you haven't heard it...Timbo is also working with Madonna in Europe

50 Cent-So Serious
I am not a huge 50 fan, only like Get Rich Or Die Trying and this takes me back to that old 50 vibe...the british accent is um kinda weird but hot track none the less...

Playaz Cirle Feat Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross, & Ransom-Duffle Bag Boy Remix

I'll try and post new joints as much as possible and if you got something I need to hear hit me up

Im Sooo McFlyyyy

Ok if you aint up on these Japanese kicks, you can pre-order them now and they will ship out Nov 1st...haha dont try most people couldnt do it but if you can these shoes are sick, if you don't feel like shelling out that much cake check out Creative Reactions, they are a little less extreme as well

Blue Magic

Skateboard P, little behind the scenes clip for the vid of Blue Magic


Best SNL Digital Short

This is just hilarious...

Hello World

So from time to time I get people asking me about music, clothes, movies, just were I get inspiration from etc...Heres Mork Ronson crazy DJ (Lily Allen "Oh My God" playing over the vid, hot track), this is how Ima get things poppin