Friday, December 28, 2007

Get Hammered!

Home improvement time just got a hell of a lot more interesting. This is one of the coolest and most functional flasks we’ve ever come across. The Hammer Flask is actually a real hammer that’s been hollowed out, allowing for the storing and pouring of your favorite firewater. This covert tool is also great for crushing ice, opening bottles, and if need be, personal protection against abusive drunks.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who Knew Furbys Were So Cool?

After watching the Stronger video for the 1st time in a couple months I forgot how big of a pop icon those were in 07...def dope (click the pic to get the full effect), maybe I should rock them? Hmmm

That, That Dont Kill Me

Im sorry, Vid of the year ifs ands or buts. 1)It was easily my fav song 2)The Glasses 3)Cassie...nuff said


These dudes are mad legit...make sure you check out their Myspace Page. Out of ATl and they do have a smilarity to Oukast but they are def on some new age ish. Proton is some music to check for 08.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Ciara looks mad legit in this vid...I'd knock it down lol


“I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have served as President of such a culturally-defining label as Def Jam over the last three years,” Jay-Z said in a statement. “During that time, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of the world’s most dynamic artists and many of the most dedicated and talented executives in the music business today, including Antonio “L.A.” Reid. But now it’s time for me to take on new challenges.”

Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, took over as President of Def Jam in 2005. Under his guidance, the rapper signed his former rival Nas to Def Jam and oversaw the release of hit records by Kanye West, Rihanna and Ne-Yo.

Island Def Jam Music Group Chairman Antonio “L.A.” Reid said that Jay-Z felt it was time to take on “different challenges in his life.”

Jay-Z will continue running and recording for his Roc-A-Fella imprint, which is distributed by the Island Def Jam Music Group. The mogul is rumored to be making a transition to the urban division of Sony Records with Rick Rubin.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Im On My UK Ish...Get Me

Im working on my NYE pre-game mix and needed some inspiration at 130 am...Wale/Justice "Dance"...trak is crazy

Dooooo theeee daaaaance

The Cool Kids-Black Mags

My fav song of the Thanksgiving-X-Mas era

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

US Placers Vid

This is so sick...Thom Yorke "Eraser" Sample is sick...been on my ipod since June =]

A True American Hero

Who doesn't love Al Bundy?

Funny Walk Hard Promotional Clip

Ima def go see it...ish is hilarious already

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kanye & Daft Punk

Gracing the cover of the new Spin...Graduation was ranked the #4 album of the year in the mag

Daft Punk-Alive

A few weeks ago was the drop of the new Daft Punk Alive album. Sold Out now got in the Japanese version of the CD, which comes in a boxset together with two Daft Punk Bearbricks. Definitely a nice package and cool gift, in case you still need one!

New Years Eve

The rules to agreat new years..I will be poppin off in Libertyvillle @ Austins

10. Your party spot has to set the tone for the night. It creates the blueprint for the entire evening.
9. A great bartender. Bad drinks aren't sexy. Also, beautiful wait-staff are key.
8. Food should never interrupt your swagger. Small tapas or finger-foods that aren't too messy tend to work well.
7. Music should be the soundtrack to the night. It should match the theme; it should match the flow.
6. Preserve the sexy. My oldest and truest party rule. If it's about furs and diamonds, don't show up in jeans.
5. The right party people...your tried-and-true friends that know how to get your party started mixed with a few new characters to keep things exciting... but everyone has to be sexy.
4. You need a great pair of shades, because the best New Year's Eve party doesn't stop until well into the New Year.
3. You need a great host, like me. Someone who is a master in the art of celebration.
2. Make sure you have some great liquor...always looks good for the photos, Patreezy?
1. It's never sexy to be sloppy... know your limits and drink responsibly.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Coolest

So finally I gave Lupe's album a full listen after a busy week/weekend and I have to say this album is 5 of the year from what I have heard...make sure to peep it, here is the title track which is like possibly my 5th fav of the album and its basically above most traks I have heard this year

Pac Man X-mas Tree

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami

I have reported before about the Takashi Murakami exhibition at the Moma in Los Angeles, that is still going on until February 2008. For the occasion Louis Vuitton opened a temporary pop-up store in the museum and is selling a few items, only available at that store. The most interesting items are the coin case and the shopping bag, both coming in the classic Monogram design and with special Murakami artwork.

In case you do not have the chance to pass by the museum until February, then you can now also purchase the items at Cliff Edge...gonna cost ya a couple of coins lady, but its so dope


Japanese sneaker brand Madfoot! is continuing to release fresh sneakers this month. They will be bringing out two new colorways of the Mad Professor and three new styles of the Mad Base Mid, my favorite sneaker in the Madfoot! line-up. The premium quilted leather upper is just always a good look.

Eproze will be releasing these over the next couple of days, so keep your eyes open. Check out the entire line-up after the jump.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A BATHING APE Light Down Jacket

Also in black & brown...dope ass jacket

Wheres The Gabagool?

MadTV...yeah 1 of their 5 funny skits ever but hilarious

Monday, December 10, 2007

Wyclef Feat Paul Simon-Fast Car

My fav trak off Wyclef's new cd...dope vid

Semi-Pro Trailer

This movie might be alright

Snoop's Fatherhood

1st're all welcome lol

Supra Skylows - - Blk Denim/Red

We’ve seen a bunch of Skytops in the past few weeks, now Complex switches it up and shows us some upcoming Skylows. The Skylow is for the type of person who can’t pull over the super duper high Skytop, but still wants that Supra Muska look. These are by far one of the nicest colorways of the Skylow.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ohh It Cant Be, Good Music My Grammy family

Despite recent personal crises for Kanye West and Amy Winehouse, today's Grammy nominations reflect 2007 as a fruitful year for their musical achievements.

Nominations were announced today in Los Angeles for the 50th Annual Grammy Awards and Kanye West lead the list of nominees with eight nods, while Amy Winehouse merited six.

Despite her struggles with her health issues and a rumored drug addiction, Amy Winehouse captured nominations in all four top Grammy categories: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year (a songwriter's award), and Best New Artist.

Kanye West's nominations dominate the Rap field, with nominations for the best Rap album and double nominations in the Best Rap Song category - with both "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and "Good Life" vying for the award. Graduation is also in competition with Amy Winehouse's Back To Black, the Foo Fighters' Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, Vince Gill's These Days and Herbie Hancock's River: The Joni Letters in the Album of the Year race.

West and Winehouse were not the only artists with multiple nominations, five acts received five nods -- the Foo Fighters, Jay-Z, hip-hop producer Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and T-Pain.

The 50th Annual Grammy Awards will be handed out on February 10, 2008 at Los Angeles' Staples Center. For a full list of nominations visit

Oh Scott Jergenson I Love It!!!

Possibly my fav SNL skit ever..

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Wallflowers - One Headlight

Seriously one of my favorite raks back in the day, still on the I-Pod

King Hippo!!!

Who aint remember this?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Judd Apatow

Frickin guys are all up on his work if you dont know hit up and study up...Pineapple Express drops summer 08 is going to be the #1 comedy. Here is some Undeclared for those who slept on it...I am ordering the seasons on dvd as we speak

The Dream-Falsetto

The Dream released a video for his second single, “Falsetto.” In case you guys have forgotten, The Dream is a producer/writer-turned-singer, and his releasing his debut album, Love/Hate, next Tuesday, December 11th. He’s responsible for penning the hit “Umbrella” for Rihanna, and Mary J. Blige’s new single, “Just Fine.”

Pimp C Found Dead

Pimp C is on the left

It is with great sadness that Jive Records announces the passing of Chad “Pimp C” Butler, a member of the celebrated rap duo UGK (Underground Kingz). Jive Records’ President and CEO Barry Weiss states: “We mourn the unexpected loss of Chad. He was truly a thoughtful and kind-hearted person. He will be remembered for his talent and profound influence as a pioneer in bringing southern rap to the forefront. He will be missed and our prayers remain with his family and Bun B. I’ve known Chad since he was 18, and we loved him dearly and he was a cherished member of the Jive family.”

Born in Port Arthur, Texas, Butler’s father was a trumpet player who played professionally with Solomon Burke. Outside of his father, the 33-year old rapper’s influences varied, ranging from Bobby Bland, Jimmy McGriff, the 1960’s Motown artists to Run DMC. Butler met his inseparable partner Bernard “Bun B” Freeman in high school where they formed UGK. In 1992, the duo signed to Jive Records and went on release a total of eight albums for the label. They earned their highest achievement earlier this year when their most recent album, UGK (Underground Kingz), debuted in the number one position on the album pop chart. According to the New York Times, UGK “helped inspire a generation of Southern hip-hop stars, from OutKast to Lil Wayne.”

No word on exactly what happen...been a big UGK fan since 98...ish is sad

Monday, December 3, 2007

Diamond Girl

Ryan Leslie of Cassie fame, is a genius...if you been following the 5 for Fridays he was on the list about a month ago. Here is a vid of him creating Diamond Girl...ish is dope

Guys weird but a genius

The Greatest Hits of Todd Packer, Abridged

Nuff Said!


Kid Sister feat Kanye West-Pro Nails
Yessir I been posting baout this song since like day 3 on my blog...the video has mad style and Kanye kills the swag. Kid Sister is from Chicago & the first artsist on DJ A-Trak's label (Fools Gold). She was also one of my artists to watch...

Kid Robot Plaid Series

This Fall/Winter season we have seen more plaid/flannel than ever before (wait til you see my Stussy jumpoff being shipped from Paris as we speak). Almost every brand includes the shirts in their collections. But that's not all. We have seen it on Nike, Alife shoes, Ubiq shoes, Porter and Burton bags and on many other products as well. Last but not least Kidrobot now also released their plaid series. They have released a hoodie and also two t-shirts.

Nabaztag By Andre

Just in case you have not come cross it yet, Nabaztag is an electronic rabbit, that can be connected to your computer and the internet. People that have a Nabaztag can receive messages send to the rabbit, read them out loud, etc. Also you can configure the rabbit to light up when you get emails, IM's or anything else.

Just in time for Christmas, they launched a new limited edition version of Nabaztag, designed by Parisian artist André. The rabbit got a classic, simplistic André make-over. The Nabaztag by André is now available online.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work

I wanna say i know for the most part police officers do their job and do it of my best friends is a police officer, but c'mon this is messed up and things like this happen far to often. The cop turns into a cowboy simply because the man didn't sign his ticket. The officer simply could have marked it "refused to sign" handed it back and its over.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Its That 5 For Friday...

#5 The Cool Kids-Black Mags
Chicago...Yezzir. This song is gully, had it on repeat non stop all week.

#4 Outkast-The Art of Storytellin Part 4
Seriously Big Boi kills every verse he is on...more on that at the end of the month...the beat is crazy and the ish is just on point. Just a solid ass trak.

#3 Trina Feat Missy Elliot-I Got A Bottle
Ok I am not a huge Trina fan by anymeans but I love the beat...just love the beat it's different than anything I have heard in a minute

#2 Wyclef Feat Paul Simon-Fast Car
This is the kinda Clef shit I wanna hear, that Gone til Nov style...Sweetest Girl is major and this song has actually been playin in my car the last month or so and I felt it deserved a top spot...The Carinval II is very legit

#1 Chester French-She Loves Everybody
What do you get when you have a kid from out east and Milwaukee they meet at Harvard and Pharrell gives them a deal? Chester of my new fav bands? Um whatever they are this trak is sooooo nuuutsss.

I Have A Murder Bonner


This Week On The Hills

Ima big James Franco fan...this is frickin hilarious

Tooomp Killed This Sh!t

DJ Toomp is one of my top 5 producers right now (TI-What You Know & Co-Produced Kanye's The Good Life, Cant Tell Me Nothing, & Big Brother he's also done work with Jeezy) talks shortly about working with Mariah Carey...her & Janet both droppin 1st quarter of 08? Def Jam, um they are about to get things poppin. Also Toomp just layed a couple track for Ludacis as well.

Mad TV Has A Funny Skit?

Dont Be Ignorant

Bone up on your politikin...dead serious its importnat, know whats going on and vote Nov 08

Do The Robot

So I was wrong before as I said, kanye is still touring...Glow In The Dark tour will hit the US in 08 with T-Pain from what I have heard. Here is a clip from his show 11/26 in Europe with a Robot he has incorporated into the show...things like 8 ft tall...shows gonna be crazy

Cheri Dennis Feat Yung Joc&Gorilla Zoe - Portrait Of Love

Im def a a Cheri dennis fan...dont know if Im feelin this trak tho...hmm

I-Pod Parody

Ish is kinda funny

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Supra Muska Skytop Gold Perf

The Supra Muska Skytop is one of Supra's most successful models and has had lots of success lately. For the Holiday '07 season they came up with a special colorway, the Gold Perforated Limited Edition version of the sneaker.

The Supra Muska Skytop Gold Perf will release in very limited quantities around the globe this coming week. Who's got the stugots to rock these New Years Eve? I would but they don't match my outfit idea =]

My Wifey Hard At Work

I know, no one really cares...but god damn shes fine

Right About Now, The Funks Your Brother

Still Dope

Snoop...Um What?

Snoop done smoked himself dumb for sure...haha vid for Sexual Eruption

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Smashing Pumkins-1979

Just a good ass song...Im exhausted, more to come the rest of the week...haha for real I'm just exhausted

Monday, November 26, 2007

Take The Baseline Out...

My jam 8 years ago....9 years ago? Damn

Raheem DeVaughn-Woman

Kinda feeling this joint

Famous Stars & Straps watch

This weekend Famous Stars And Straps dropped some new limited edition watches. Overall they released two models, the Persistence Of Time and Livin After Midnight. The watches are priced at 320 and 200 USD.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Artists 2 Watch


The Cool Kids (Chicago Stand Up!)

Black Kids

Liam Finn

Chris Bruni


Kate Nash


Keri Hilson

Kid Sister

Slimane vs Comme

Former Dior Homme frontman Heidi Slimane teamed up with cutting edge Japanese brand COMME des GARÇONS to engineer and design an intricate and creative series of furniture. Each pieces yields an interesting array of different uses and methods. The collection was created for high-end London boutique Dover Street Market.

It would dope as hell they did a collabo on clothes but, this is so dope and I'd wouldn't know what to put on it

GQ Man Of The Year

Congrats kanYe...also I was wrong Kanye is still gon tour, keep your head up

Sweetest Girl Remix

Original is mad dope too but I love the CREAM beat

New Years Eve

Thats where Ima be, Mike & Joes playing...great deal

Jump On It

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Cool

Patrick Slump of FOB behind the boards on Lupe's new cd...btw Lupe's new cd is gonna be dope

Dont Stop Believin

Kanye is going to cancel the rest of his Euro tour...dude just needs some time to chill after the passing of his mother, your in our prayers Ye

Her is a clip before he broke down talking on his mom and dedicating Dont Stop Believing

Who Doesn't Want Some Sippy Sipp For X-Mas?

Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka (Suggested Retail $35.00)

Made from French grapes, this fine five-times-distilled vodka is making plenty of noise outside of being Diddy’s baby (he drinks his with pineapple juice). Few vodkas pack the crisp, light taste that this one does. This is a savvy addition to potluck events, as well as something to offer your guests in entertaining. Grey Goose and Belvedere step to the side as France makes its greatest contribution to the Hip Hop masses since MC Solaar.

Top 10 Pranks On Dwight

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lazy Sunday


House Party!!!

I mean why wouldnt I hahahaha

DJ Drama-5000 Ones

Songs dope and everyone cameos this vid...damn i think even Urkel is in there somewhere

Kanye Breaks Down

Kanyes show last night in Paris, well dude tried performing Hey Mama and he broke down...kinda sad

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chris Bruni-Watch Me While I Burn

This guy is need to buy his cds, check out all he is done (Not For Loving Man, my fav track)
Shoutout to Heidi, good looking out

I Know What An Erection Feels Like Michael!

If you're not up on Arrested Development...well yikes

The Vines-Outtathaway

Older jam...still like it, always laugh at the kid hittin himself with the shoe
Shoutout to Zums!

Friday, November 16, 2007

5 For Friday...I Dont Like It Unless Its Brand New

#5 2 Pistols Feat T-Pain-She Got It
T-Pain has been killing it the last year, nuff said

#4 Kid Sister Featuring Kanye West-Pro Nails
Where's my skaters & Chi-town fam at?

#3 Alicia Keys-Like You'll Never See Me Again
I don't front if a song is dope Ima stand behind it. This is one of the best slow jams I have heard in a minute...maybe its because of where Im at in my life who knows but this is MY 5 for Friday =]

#2 Kanye West-Flashing Lights
My 2nd favorite song due to the insane synths, basically he was like oh Timbo gonna come with his ish, ummm here you go. Just for the record "Cant Tell Me Nothing" is my fav Grad song as well as my favorite song ever...just my anthem. This song should start getting some more radio play soon and I believe a video might surface as well.

#1 Usher Featuring Ludacris-Dat Girl Right There
Ok first let me say this by no means is close to as good as "Yeah" but the beat is nuts (no clue who did it) and its for sure to get some spins and whys Luda always kill a 16 but his own songs are usually lukewarm since Word Of Mouf...Luda c'mon man

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pop Copy

Chappelle skit...classic

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Still Tippin

This was the Gulliest ish out in well 2000 so far...beat was nuts mad 501 memories Spring of 05

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Alicia Keys-Like You'll Never See Me Again

Seriously one of my fav jams right now

This Is Family Business...

ish is sad...for real people make sure everyday you make sure you let those people you really care about and love, let em the end family is all that matters, no matter how close you think you are to certain friends maybe only 1 or 2 would drop what they are doing and be there for you no matter what but tell me 1 person in your family that wouldn't be there in a second. I love you mom, I love you Amanda, Kelly, Becky, couple of my aunt and uncles, my grandmother, and yeah even my father!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Hives-Tick Tick Boom

Always Loved The Hives...

Long Ball Larry

No Fly Zone lol...ish is to funny

Sunday, November 11, 2007

RIP Donda West :(

Donda was an English professor for over 30 years at Chicago state university before retiring to become Kanye’s manager and recently wrote the book “Raising Kanye”. She also co-founded The Kanye West Foundation and has received numerous awards including “Outstanding Educator of the Year”.

This is a tragic loss for Kanye and his family.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

If You Didn't Know, Now You Do

best new coming artist of 08 even tho he been around a minute

beat is ugly

Make It Rain

heres how I get my pimpin...get some congac dim the lights and hit some keys, ladies love it when I play Make It Rain for em...guranteed to get em to drop it like its hot, and its your home so you getta keep the bills

Good Morning

Hennesey, Its Gon Be The Death Of Me

I'm especially liking the bottle of this Hennesy Ellipse Cognac from Harrod's, but obviously that's probably the least important part. Cost? £3350

Dope Ass Beat Lol

Beats actually weak, ish is just funny

Flava In Ya Ear

You think Ja & J Lo started it? noppppe

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Righteous Kill Trailer

Need I Say More?

Marc Jacobs Interview @ Moca

Marc Jacobs the head designer of Louis Vuitton speaks on future collaborations with Takashi Murakami...girls hes the dude who killed the colorful handbags


Im sure Hov already got one...damn

This Kids Nuts

Roc Boys Night Out In Chicago

Anyone who was able to attend the second stop on Jay-Z’s “American Gangster” tour. Wow.

Seriously, if you live in Chicago and you missed it. You lost. You really lost.

Other than the fact that most attendees had to wait over an hour and a half outside in this beautiful Chicago weather*, this concert really couldn’t have been much better.

The crowd was crazy and people claimed to have paid upwards of $600 per ticket. I know that the Rocafella Records website reported that the Chicago show sold out in 8 seconds, but I’d like to know who actually was able to purchase one of these tickets in 8 seconds…It seemed everyone I talked to had to go through an independent broker for them. Hmmm…

Jay took the stage around 12:30am and rocked until 2:00am with a 12 piece band. Never one to let his fans down, Hova brought out the (remaining) Roc Boys: Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel and Freeway to perform hits such as “Roc Da Mic” and “You, Me, Him, Her”.

I guess I forgot how deep Jigga’s catalogue runs; he really could have played all night and well into the morning. The crowd was lucky enough to hear a lot of American Gangster and hits such as “Jigga My…”, “PSA”, “What More Can I Say”, and “Excuse Me Miss”.

Sadly, he did nothing from Reasonable Doubt, Vol. 1 or 2, but he did let the crowd perform the entire first verse to “Big Pimpin” before exiting the stage.

Now I’d heard rumblings from an insider that Jay was going to bring out a “very special guest” for his Chicago performance, but when Jigga emerged for his “Encore” to the instrumental from “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”, it was pretty obvious who was coming out.

The hometown hero, Kanye West emerged from backstage and did an impromptu performance of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “Goodlife”. INSANITY!

Easily the highlight of the night was when all of the Roc Boys (sans Beans?) gathered on stage for the evenings (er…mornings) closer: “Roc Boys”. All seems well with Roc, at least it did last night. The video is above.

Junk Science-Roads

Brooklyn's Freshest Duo...check for em. Not really sold on the hook of this song but the only offical vid I could find

Candy Girl

Lol this ish came on my i-pod and why was it on there I know its from Love & Basketball...Im not gonna lie I this song its still fresh haha


In one year we choose a new leader of the free world...our generation has to step up and show and prove. I myself am not political by any means. I try and follow things enough that I am not ignorant to issues or events, but by no means am I mad knowledgeable. I personally am for Giuliani due to his strong stance on re-vamping our judicial system and in my opinion he is a man who has proven himself in times of crisis. I also saw Obama speak in 05 in Mt Carroll, Illinois and he is a very intelligent young man and would make a great president but just not yet...I do agree with his stance on Iraq and immigration. It is just improtant we all get involved and we all vote. I had a tool that allowed you to click on issues that were important to you etc but I lost it, if I find it again I'll post the link


Heres the link for the tool

Grape Drink Baby

Dave where you at man? Classic of my favorites

Paul Simon Time

Listening to this as we speak and as Im updating the blog...classic

Original Fake Slippers

Pictures of these Original Fake Slippers have been circulating for a while already. Now they are finally arriving in stores. The house slippers will make your feet officially look like the ones of the Kaws Companion figure. They come in black and in grey with a fleece lining to keep you warm. On top they feature the Kaws crosses embroidered and they feature an anti-sliding sole. They come in a special bag and are now available at Sold Out.

Fred Perry x Alastair McKimm

As part of the Blank Canvas collection Fred Perry got together this season with Alastair McKimm. Alastair McKimm is a stylist, born and raised in Belfast. Now based in New York, he has worked with numerous fashion publications including Italian, Chinese and Japanese Vogue, Purple, i-D, V, Numèro and Numèro Homme.

In his Blank Canvas collection he presents a black collection with champaign colored Fred Perry logo embroideries and lots of attention to detail overall.

Expect this new collection to land in stores in the coming weeks.

That That Dont Kill Me


AT&T Is Gully?

Nice to see the large corporations on their thread game...Kid Robot & BBC def show up in this commercial

Clearly Dope!

The Whirlpool Glass bathtub from Wasauna, touting sixteen jets and seating capacity for two persons, is made of high quality glass and stainless steel. The price tag is $3199.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Aint Nobody Dope As Me

Im just fresh and so clean

Jason Markk made an impact in this sneaker industry with his top of the line Sneaker Cleaner. In the past he’s collaborated with Undftd., and now with Recon. The box has been completely re-designed compared to the other Jason Markk’s boxes that we’ve seen. This set will go on sale November 8th at Recon as well as Jason Markk’s online store.

Speaking Off...

Sidebar...some Portishead

One OF My All-Time Favorites

Whoever wasn't up on Fionna Apple Circa 97 don't pun intended
I'll make it hip-hop by saying the man who's been a life long co-producer for Fiona is Jon Brion who co-produced Kanye's Late Registration. Seriously some of these drums and like Portishead are more hip-hop than 90% of the ish out there now

Jay-Z Roc Boys-Official Vid fav non Kanye jam this year

Monday, November 5, 2007


This came on my I-Pod today...still dope

Good Cop Bad Cop

In The Studio With Tweet

For those who dont know all year ive been like yo wheres Tweet been...Im def a huge fan. Heres a clip of here in the studio doing work on the new album.

Lupe Fiasco-Superstar

Ever Feel Like This?

So I dont want a new job but somedays I feel exactly like that guy...still my favorite Super Bowl commercials ever lol

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jay On Letterman..Roc Boys

Letterman=Sig Chi

Golly They're Gully

Um Thats My Penis

I get this all the time to when I get patted down...shits big son lol

Flaaaashing Lights

Kanye bout to drop it as his new single, video soon and heres the dope ass album art

Billionaire Boys Club Exclusive Sweater

This sweater is dope...I think ima have to cop it

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Its Baaaacck

5 for Friday...act like I never told ya! Some joints to get the drinks flowin, party poppin, or just something to vibe out to...Yezzir

#5 50 Cent Feat Lil Kim-Wanna Lick (Magic Stick Pt 2)
This is rumored to be the 1st single off the new G-Unit album out this corny but I wont front its not a bad party jam. Big Ups to Greg for lookin out on this

#4 Fat Joe Feat Lil Wayne-Crackhouse
The drums are bangin Lil Wayne...Make It Rain ummm Pacman Jones Part 2

#3 Cassidy Feat Kanye West, Ne-yo, & Swizz Beats-Drink & My 2 Step Remix
Reeemix...Swizz killed the beat and the hook kills, grab your patron some chicas and its over

#2 Ryan Leslie-Diamond Girl
R selection. This the guy behind all of Cassie's beats and lyrics...dude is a genius. This is a mad 80's beat and although I think he's kind of weak artist himself this joint is def on point

#1 Jay-Z-Roc Boys (Kanye on the adlib) & Success Feat Nas
I have never done 2 jams at #1 but these 2 joints are so fawwwkin raw. 1st Roc Boys i have been jamming non stop for the last 3 weeks. The Hitmen on the beat (Puffy's production team) who have been MIA for a couple years now came hard with this 70's sounding joint with the crazy horns. Yeezy can I get an ad-lip...we in da how how how just tops it off.
Joint #2 is Success featuring Nas. But Jay & Nas are early on this one, listen close. NO ID on the beat who is Kanye's mentor straight from the Chi. Def has a PSA kinda feel to it, would thought Just originally did it. American Gangster start to finish is nice but still not Jay's best work, like where he takes it with this one, Im not mad at it but its not eghck!

We In Da How How How

Kanye & Jay-z killlin Roc Boys off Jays new Album American Gangster...go catch the movie in theatres tomorrow

On My New Ish

Chester French...these guys are nuts. Not a real video obviously and the only one I could find on youtube, kinda weak whoever put that together, but the songs dope none the less


The making of Nas "Illmatic" easily a top 10 cd in hip-hop history

I Love This Game

The Nuggets with the big win over the Sonics...AI dropped 25 had 14 assists and 7 steals and Melo scored 32 as well. If Kenyon Martin & Marcus Camby can stay healthy as well as AI & Melo obviously, this team could easily win 55 games and have a legitamte shot of coming out of the West. I am glad we got basketball back...I'll have my Colts vs Pats preview on Saturday

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Estelle-Wait A Minute

Check out the video for Estelle’s newest song, Wait A Minute (Just A Touch) produced by The U.K. singer is set to release her new album ‘Shine’ in February 2008, she is the first artist signed by John Legend, to his new Homeschool Records label.

Rip Goulet

They called him Big Poppa. Don’t forget to pour out a forty for a showbiz legend tonight.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drunk Girrrls

Common with a drunk fan lol

Takashi's Show @ Moca

I wish my ass woulda been there...

Ready For The Best Movie Of 08?

Thats What She Said...

Im Back, New John Legend Vid

Sorry I havent updated since last Thursday, my aunt Kay passed away and well i had an eventful weekend back in Illinois, I'll try to get a lot more up the rest of the week minus tommorow as I have some sippy sippy to do for Oct 31st..New John Legend Video to kick things off

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lil Wayne Is...


This song is so damn above everyone elses level on just the flow alone...lisssttteeeennn

Why Not Today?

New D&G Watch....$300, really not that bad, I dont rock much brown or I'd cop it

My Sidekick LX

Wallpaper is dope...right?